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December 2010
Last Active
January 2013
Banned was shut down on 24th September 2013. Thanks to the entire community which made this journey so awesomeballs. Read more.


  • marvellousmanas
    sniff... want your email id!
    October 2011
    • Prem
      December 2011
    • Prem
      December 2011
  • marvellousmanas
    can i please have youer email id?
    September 2011
  • marvellousmanas
    i am going to chennai in dacember for finals of tcs it wiz. i hope to see u there.. can u give me any tips? please give your email id too
    August 2011
  • karthiknair1997
    Hey can ya give me some tips for TCS IT WIZ.. Thanks.. A detailed guide would be appreciated..Thanks..:D
    March 2011
    • VishalKhanna
      Yeah,please mail a 120+ page PDF giving tips and compiling all your archives to me as well.BTW I was the guy sitting right behind you at this year's TCS IT WIZ.
      April 2011