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In this Discussion was shut down on 24th September 2013. Thanks to the entire community which made this journey so awesomeballs. Read more. email newsletter?
  • Recently, I received a suggestion from member Dhananjay Sahai. His idea was to publish a newsletter that could be sold to schools for a price, and use this as a source to fund activities.
    I discussed the idea with others in the moderator team, and what must of us think is that not a lot of schools will be prepared to buy a newsletter for the purpose of training their students who participate in quizzes. A lot of schools don't even have official quiz clubs. The amount of investiment needed into publishing a newsletter, marketing and distributing it to schools is more than we can afford now. What do you guys think though? Do you think your schools would be interested in subscribing to multiple copies of the newsletter?
    What we rather think would useful is an email newsletter that anyone can sign up for free. This will be sent out in the form of a digest, collating the best material from at fixed intervals - say, monthly - and anyone can sign up. It won't earn us revenue, but it's a feature that the moderators think many would find useful.
    What do you folks think about the two ideas? Any feedback or suggestion - or even other ideas for
  • And a big thank you to Dhananjay for taking time out to pitch this idea to us! It would be nice if even more people pitched in with ideas they had for the community.
  • The monthly e-mail newsletter will work,and will be useful too.
    As for the newsletter to schools,we can start from a few number of schools where quiz societies are prominent.Then,based on the response,gradually extend it to other schools.Info about subscribing for the e-mail newsletter can be put there also.
  • hey
    why not try to get a few copies of the newsletter published and then try to promote them at large quizzing events like columban open and then see where we can carry it from there
    maybe send a few complimentary copies to a few schools and then see if they are interested to subscribe
    also maybe we can start conducting a few quizzes for schools at nominal prices in the beginning and then maybe raise the fees if we become popular(which i am sure we will), this can be a good source to earn money!!
  • Conducting quizzes for schools and companies is something we're looking into, the obvious obstacle being that doing something for money means you've to convince the other party about it.
    About the newsletter thing, the idea pitched to us was that schools would be multiple copies, rather than individual students. Either way, marketing and especially distribution are a big problem. Promoting at events probably won't help because teachers with the authority to take decisisons aren't the ones who usually accompany teams.
    With doing it on a smaller scale, there are fixed costs involved with getting something published, regardless of number of copies printed (and then extra charges on top of the fixed cost depending upon the number of copies printed.) It's a nice idea, but currently doesn't have any funding at all to try this out. Once we do though, this is something definitely to look into.
    For now, the email newsletter is what we can implement.
  • What I think we can do is that why not give out an e-mail newsletter... Then tell them that a bigger and better printed newsletter is available (more frequently if possible) for a sum of X rupees... This would be a very safe way of checking our popularity... just that either the questions should not be posted on or shouldn't be mentioned. Otherwise people would just sign up for free. And this would be a marketing disaster...
  • The way I see it, schools will look for ease of use - so if they're interested they'll pay for a printed newspaper, even if it available online for free. They won't have time to trawl through the archives and compile into a format like we can, and if they're willing they'll pay for it.
    It's like how newspapers and magazine work - they have online version where everything is available (and ad-supported), email newsletters for those who don't have time to follow each step and would rather receive digests linking back to content on the site, and paid printed editions - which a lot of people are willing to pay for - that provide convenience.
    Our main problem right now is that we have Rs 0 available to us even for piloting a newsletter than we can offer to newsletters to see how many are interested.
  • Get payment first, then see if it's enough...
  • People would not be willing to pay first and then get subscription when there's no existing product.
  • I think selling 'Gyaan' at this moment wont be a good option. The idea of an email newsletter is an excellent one. This will involve more and more people/soceities/clubs with and keep the members informed about the current happenings and discussions on