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Audio-Visuals western in indian quizzes
  • I have been asked by many critics of parnab mukherjee as to why he is so India specific and my instinctive reaction has been to defend the guy.He is rite when he says that a quiz in India shud be a quiz with an Indian flavour but exactly the opposite takes place in every general quiz.
    To start with COQ what exactly do they think they are doing asking quesns about 60-70 western music and films(I am not ranting coz i hve won it once)and trivia questions on KIM KARDASHIAN.thenu come to general quizzes in schools like dps noida waala.All quesns in audio visual look as if it is an american quiz.Its not even world music its just rock bands.

    As fellow gyaanis u are responsible for quizzing in ur school and i just hope that quizzes get a distinctly Indian flavour man our music and films are mre diverse and trivial than american rock bands ask quesns on them.
    There is some noob who actually thinks spic macay is a waste of time this is not wat an Indian quizzer should be.Half of the quizzers here or anywhere dont noe the difference between hariprasad chaurasia and bhimsen joshi but they will identify pics of greenday or any godforsaken band.Is this what Indian quizzing is meant to be.I am just asking the fellow gyaanis as to when their schools have a quiz and for their intras ask something on India on audio
  • good observation...reason might be the usual indian tendency to ape the west..but also in modern times..some people consider it not to be fashionable to act/seem indian...
  • The point of a quiz is that it has relevance all across the globe. I don't think that every Indian quiz has to be about India.
  • The trick is to know both..but then it adds the 'oh so cool' factor which many quizmasters like so as to grab the attention of the audience. In the end it is the quizzards who suffer.

    I completely agree with amrit.

    @Rhead - Agreed that a quiz covers global topics but certainly focus should be more on India.
  • it should have relevance about the whole globe fine ask global sports geograhy and all why do u ask about kim kardashian and all or for that matter for giving a global flavour the indian flavour goes for a toss completely
  • Could not have agreed more with Parth. I have always been of the same opinion......
  • @parthsingh : u are quick to pounce at coq about the western audios etc. But if you have actually won it, you should have noticed especially in the semis and finals that a no. of old hindi songs and old movie trivia is also asked. Why do u ignore that???? I have to come to its defence.......
  • which is obvious as ur a columban urself...but  lets not point fingers at particular events..i think its the general mindset...people just consider adding indian stuff a bit out-of-dated/unfashionable/ pronob sir said at the starting of MINDSPORT...COQ noneheless is the best school quiz around in delhi by leaps and bounds....
  • if u read carefully angad bhaiyaa its not the audios only but the visuals connects everything and seriously how do u expect to justify kim kardashian and i am talking about all quizzes here audio visual round mein western music is rampant i have no problem with world music and classical western or heavy metal too but one thing shud be factored in is balance and the first 2 rounds of columban srsly lack this balance.And hindi bollywood music again is not wat i meant by indian heritage related audio visual quesns when have they asked to identify a indian instrument when have they asked to identify a classical singer and trust me bhaiya i am not llying we won the columban in 2008 came 4th in 2007 .
  • @Angad - Yes I think Parth is right. The Prelims and Quarters should be more balanced.....But anyways COQ Rocks! Its a great quiz....
  • @everyone: will you stop flaming me? i was NVER against spic macays. just NOT in the middle of a quiz. Guess you guys just did not get my joke, ah well...
    @parth: good point
  • We are not flaming you my friend. I accept your concern, but there is a certain way of putting across your point. That can be done politely also. We all did get the joke yaar! But why bring a society like SPIC MACAY in between!!!?
  • Well,I beg to differ with Parth....An Indian flavour is nice and Pranab Mukherjee's quizzes are good but quizzes should have ques from across the globe.....An overdose of India is also not good....Since  u have mentioned Audio-visuals,i have to say to say that this is because most of the students(includes audience) relate to that only and thus it increases the involvement of the audience and the whole entertainment factor...I mean how many of us actually listen to(and enjoy) Pandit Bhimsen Joshi's music (and dont listen to Greenday,i.e just to prove my point).A balance has to be maintained in General quizzes.
    You have India-oriented quizzes where everything's Indian like Heritage and Mod-India quiz and Know-India quizzes that are made for the exact purpose u seem to endorse.
    And Columban quiz is majorly a Western quiz(again, my opinion is diff. from that of Angad).....and that is the point of it...Its unique coz of that only....I cant think of any quiz similar to the COQ.
    Well (again, to prove my pt.) In the prelims ,they had 3 ques on India,25 on the rest of the world(Some on Roman,greek mythology and not 1 on Indian mythology) and two from outta this world(joking)....Even in the quarters ,barring 3 or 4 ques on India,rest were Western.And that is the pt of the quiz and dont get me wrong,its one of my fav. quizzes.
    @Parth-You seem to really despise Kim Kardashian......
  • balance my friends..thats the word we are all looking for...
    @samarth was a weird experience..4g8 it..we are all with you...everything forgotten!
    it wont hurt to know a bit more about our country you not against the global outlook..but we gotta be firm on our roots first...many people here(though they wont admit it unlike you..)  havent ever heard about SPIC MACAY....i personally heard about it as my sister has been to one of their performances and she told me about it..otherwise even i would have considered them a species of bird or there is so much about our country that we need to know...
  • @prateekv: oho! i said that because spic macays are at the apex of cultural showcasing (those are the only performances i have actually SEEN!)
  • man are u hosting the quiz for the audience involvement or trivia and
    i will use a qoute from shailendra director of teesri kasam
    By saying that this is wat audience likes u cannot give them sub standard fare and general quizzes ke audio visual mein koi balance nahi hai bhaiya aap keh rahein hai globl flavour ho but temme american music is glboal flavour when have u heard a song from african araboc chinese heck japanese origin a musical instrument watever
  • ans temme one achievement f kim kardashian
  • I feel there should be two kinds of general quizzes: Global/ Indian like it happens at MOd Quiz.
  • @Samarth - Okay point taken.
    @Shashank - See a Quiz like COQ I still believe should have more balance....
    Agreed with Parth on this. Maybe next year there will be hopefully!
  • DPSN QUIZZES are made by teachers :P and by a guy who was the lead singer of our school band, he was formerly our good for nothing President quiz society..
    Well Pornob's quizzes have an Indian theme but many questions are India and Foreign linked...hence its not purely india...
    I believe this year columban quarters were v good...
  • I thought this year the Quiz was made by alumni.
  • the prelims and quarters are always made by the alumni