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School Quiz @ Cannot Place 2013
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    Announcing the first ever edition of Cannot Place, Delhi's biggest quiz festival, from 26th to 28th April 2013

    The quizzes are open to everyone and promise to be a lot of fun for the serious minded, enthusiasts and the curious, alike.

    Teams can consist of a maximum of 3 participants. If you do not have a team, you can always find yourself one at the event.

    The schedule for the fest will be as follows:

    Minor changes on the first day. Please note:

    Day I

    School Quiz- Registration at 9 am (Necessary to carry school ID cards)

    Cricket Quiz- Registration at 1 pm

    Biz Quiz- Registration at 5 pm

    Day II

    FLAME Quiz- Registration at 9 am

    Travel and Leisure Quiz- Registration at 230 pm

    India Quiz- Registration at 430 pm

    Pub Gossip Quiz- 930 pm

    Day III

    Sports Quiz- Registration at 9 am

    Sci/Tech Quiz- Registration at 130 pm

    General Quiz- Registration at 330 pm

    For more information, contact:

    Hari Parameswaran: +91 9818766117
    Kunal Malhotra: +91 9871831718
    Aryapriya Ganguly: +91 9953541820
    Aniket Mishra: +91 9911885829
    Kedar Sastry: +91 9971005585
    Avinash Mudaliar: +91 9920378802

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