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Quiz Review and Questions: EDGE 2K12 @ Kulachi Hansraj Model School
  • Kulachi Hansraj hosted its EDGE 2K12 tech symposium today, and I have to say, that it was the worst I had ever attended. I'd heard that the experience at Silico Battles last year was pretty bad, therefore I went for this unheard of Tech Symposium in north Delhi. The Organisation was epic (sarcasm intended). No person knew what was to be participated in, where and how it was to be conducted. The members of their Tech Club had such a poor response for everything, that it cannot be described! And, of course, the Quiz, I don't wish to get started about it. It was so HORRIBLE, including the prelims. First they told us that it was a quiz, then gave us a CROSSWORD Paper and said it was the QUIZ! And the questions are not even worth talking about. The questions were so vague, for Instance, 
    Q: It is a Browser.
    Q: It is a Game

    Are these even questions? And then, scoring full in the prelims, I 'managed' to get a place in the finals, as it was clear that the quiz was completely rigged! When we qualified, we asked the teacher-in-charge to make the teams sit in a random order, and she straightaway refused and started speaking in a rude fashion. The quiz went on with questions like "Jelly Bean is from which company". Such questions are not even worth of putting an emoticon to show the pun. Halfway through the quiz, we had a round in which we had to match a few options given, and three of my partner's answers were right on the vague question, involving sizes like 1 million bits= ?. Still, they said that we had to answer the whole question to get points  and we were awarded a zero! The team a few places to our left answered in a similar way, and they were given 30 points for 3 correct answers. And we politely questioned the teacher who was handling the quiz, in spite of NOT being the quizmaster, that why were they given points when we were not. She got so rude and ugly with us upon that and started shouting, literally, screaming on us for no reason, and told us that we'll be disqualified for interrupting (obviously she could see the school rigged-with losing badly). We just asked once more, and she refused to answer us and said that her decision was final and we had no right to know about it. That very thing irritated me so much, that we got up from the stage and forfeited the quiz. It is the first time in my life, that someone has behaved in such a wrong way, and even then refused to admit it, and the weird teacher seemed happy about it.

    And ALL the prizes were being bagged by KHMS itself!

    It was a RIDICULOUS event, one that had no reason to exist at all!

    I'd recommend everyone not to go for this event ever!
    And, would someone from that school like to clarify whatever I said? 
    It is affirmative that such events should not be attended by anyone unless they wish to get insulted
  • I saw the whole episode of your insult and it is really very sad that these days quizzes has come to this level. :(
    After your team went away +hackpert, there were no good opponents. Therefore our victory became easy and (useless).What is the fun in winning a quiz where there is no difficulty. Seriously, to one of the team , a question came 
    Q. IDENTIFY THE PERSON WHO FOUNDED LINUX.(2 hints were given-the man's name is kind of close to the name of the company,and a picture was shown of Linus Torvalds)
    ......and the team gave the answer
    ANS..........................STEVE WOZNIAK...
  • I'm surprised you guys attended it. Pretty much the same thing happened with me last year so I refused to attend it this time. The questions were horrible and there was a lot of partiality, They had a rapid fire round last year where they gave logos of airlines and photoshopped pictures of games. I got a supposed picture of Portal 2 which I called AvP since I couldn't ID it even though i had finished the game just days before the competition. There were a lot of arguments onstage with their teacher shouting at us for arguiing about the points system. KHMS were given points for giving one correct word of a five word abbreviation while we were refused even though we got 3 words out of 4 correct to one given to us. Pretty much one of the most pathetic quizzes I've ever attended.
  • Even I got by surprise when I was forced to go to this event on the same day.. The Crossword was vague.. The escorts and invigilators had no idea about what was happening. Back in the auditorium, the quiz was below standards.. How can the Quiz Masters call RIM as in"Rim"?! And ask to match Input and Output Devices in a SQ!  It was flocked with Pokemons..  The teacher on the visual control wasn't patient and there was no body responsive to your queries.
    The band performance was all the more pathetic..