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Grey Matters 2012 - DPS Vasant Kunj - 1st August
  • Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj is organising it's second annual inter-school general quiz, Grey Matters 2012, on 1st August, Wednesday. Each school can send a team of upto two participants from classes X-XII. There will be a written preliminary, followed be a few stage rounds. Participants should really bring their own writing utensils simply because it's a complete waste of time trying to arrange for this stuff a minute before the prelim is supposed to begin. Reporting time's 8:30AM at the latest, and we're hoping to wrap things up by 1:00PM.

    I believe paper invites have already been sent to schools in NCR, but I don't have a list of schools that were supposed to receive it. In case your school didn't receive one / you haven't heard about it yet from your school, I've attached a PDF of the covering letter + invite. In case that isn't enough and your school requires an invite to be sent via email from DPSVK's school email ID, that can also be arranged. Just post the email ID you need it sent to below.

    The invite also says that registration closed on 15 July. This is a lie. Unlike the cake. I promise you, there will be cake this time. And a party. Just send in your registrations via email/fax (I suggest email, and also bcc me so I can keep track of additional registrations so nobody makes a fuss on the day of the quiz).

    As for the quiz itself, well like last time, there is absolutely no way to "prepare" for this quiz, per se. Instead, I suggest appeasing your favourite God/spiritual being for best results. In case you are not religious, this would be an excellent time to consider the options. The only reason I say this is because Ankur Banerjee, Prateek Vijayvargia and Bhavika Aggarwal are all in on this quiz, even though I'm probably going to be the only quizmaster. This translates into what will hopefully be a fiendish quiz that will leave all you quiz masochists feeling oddly at peace with the world.

    (I'll update the list below as and when I pass the email IDs on to DPSVK teachers)
    Invites will be sent via email to:

    • DPS Noida (We sent the invite earlier, if you've lost it, use the PDF below)
    • The Air Force School
    • Amity International School, Pushp Vihar
    • Bal Bharati Public School, Dwarka
    • DAV, Pushpanjali Enclave, Pitampura
    • Sardar Patel Vidyalaya (We sent the invite earlier, if you've lost it, use the PDF below)
    • Sanskriti School

  • Kindly send it to
  • Okay, and for any further requests, I'll simply add them to the list in the main post to let you know I've passed on the message.
  • Last year, we were forced to sit inside the Auditorium till the quiz was over. Its hard to stay after school timings as the school doesn't provide any transport then. So it'll be tough for us, to come if the same restrictions are imposed again. :/
  • please send one to The air force school ! Email-
  • @Vidit - The idea is for everything to wrap up the quiz by 12:30. Factor in some time for any arriving guests and the prize ceremony and I hope we can wrap up well within school hours. Hope you were able to register.
    @Tanmay - Gotcha 
  • Please send one to Amity International School, Pushp Vihar .
  • Please send one to Bal Bharati Public School, Dwarka
  • Kindly send it to
  • Send an invite to Sardar Patel Vidyalaya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please
  • when will u post the online clues for this year as u did last year?
  • Okay, so no more requests (under 24 hours for the quiz, people!). If you still weren't able to register, email me at "mail at vivekn dot net" and turn up with a copy of the PDF invite above tomorrow. Preferably really on time so we can sort out any issues.
  • Our school(Amity, Pushp Vihar) was not able to register. I have sent you an email. Shall we turn up with a copy of the PDF invite tomorrow?
  • We should be able to accommodate you. I'll mention this to someone at the registration desk, but in any case I think we are accepting on-the-spot registrations.