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G@teway 2012
  • Montfort School, Ashok Vihar Delhi, is organizing their annual cyber fest G@teway 2012 on 27th July

    Converge Clan, the Computer Club of Montfort School, cordially invites you to be a part of this prestigious event.

    G@teway – Grand Arena to Test the E-knowledge and Web skills of Awesome Youth, the annual cyber symposium of Montfort School, sets the stage for a decisive battle of wits wherein tech savvy students strive for excellence competing in several events based on technology and its attributes.

    The event seeks to promote and enhance the talent of all students who share a keen interest in information technology and appreciate them for their commendable effort in the field of computer technology.

    For Invite and more details visit:

  • Yaar, don't clash it with Columban. Keep it on 26th or 29th please!
  • nothing can be done..
  • Most people will go for columban. And also, given that Ashok Vihar is so far most schools in south delhi, it's not a tough choice for quizzers who also happen to be techies to opt for columban over Gateway.
  • we get an amazing response every year even when it clashes with Mod Quiz/Columban.
    All techies opt for gateway.
  • Please put up a list of events
    Eligibility: Open
    No. of Participants: 2
    The participants will have to solve cryptic clues related to the various fields of technology.
    There is only a written round in this event.

    Eligibility: Open
    No. of entries per school: 1
    All rules and details will be uploaded on on the 18th of July. The event will
    formally begin on the 20th of July.
    User ID and password will be sent to the e-mail ID of the school from which they are registering.

    Eligibility: Open
    No. of Participants: 1
    Rules and Regulations
    1. Participants have to take creative and imaginative photographs highlighting a particular topic given
    2. Photographs can be edited on the participants’ own laptops before submission.
    3. A maximum of three photographs can be submitted.
    4. Participants must bring their own photography equipment (such as cameras and extra lenses).
    5. Please note that emphasis will be laid on the concept of the photograph and skill of the photography,
    not on the extent of editing.
    6. Please ensure the laptops are fully charged as charging points will be unavailable for the duration of
    the event.
    7. Please ensure that participants bring suitable removable media for submission of images.
    8. One team per school consisting of one student can participate in this event.
    9. Students will not be allowed to go anywhere except the allotted area, be it the classrooms or any
    other place.

    Eligibility: Open
    No. of Participants: 2
    Rules and Regulations
    There are two rounds in this event.
    1. The first round is a written preliminary round.
    2. Teams which qualify will compete in the final C++ programming round.

    Eligibility: Open
    No. of Participants: 1
    Rules and Regulations
    The gaming event will have prelim and final rounds.

    Eligibility: Open
    No. of Participants: 2
    Rules and Regulations
    Quiz will have prelim and final rounds.

    No. of Participants: 2
    Duration: 90 minutes
    Topic: On the spot
    Eligibility: Open
    Rules and Regulations
    1. The participants will be required to create a website with minimum of 4 pages on a topic which
    will be given on the spot.
    2. All images and relevant information and other media related to the topic will be provided
    3. No external material will be allowed.
    4. The participants will be given only Notepad++ for the competition.
    5. They will be provided with the latest browsers.

    No. of Participants: 1
    Duration: 90 minutes
    Topic: ON THE SPOT
    Eligibility: Open
    Rules and Regulations
    The event has two qualifying rounds
    1. The Prelims will be a JAM session where all the participants will be given 1 minute to speak
    on a topic given on the spot.
    2. All qualifying schools shall compete in the Final round which is a GD

    Topic: Sustainable Energy for all
    Eligibility: Class VI-VIII
    No. of Participants: 2
    Rules and Regulations
    1. You have to make a model using electronic waste only on the topic Sustainable
    Energy for all.
    2. Models should be based on Sustainable energy or use of sustainable energy. Show pieces
    such as flowers or CD’s will be disqualified.
    3. Models can be working or non working.
    4. Projects should be accompanied with a project report (models without project report will
    not be accepted)
    5. The participants will be given 30 minutes to setup the models.
    6. All working models should be battery operated. The school will NOT provide power supply,
    Battery Eliminator, extension cord, points for soldering, glue gun etc.
  • @saumey: i think d reason y techies opt fr gateway is dat dey hav a hard tym at general quizzes lyk columban/mod. :P
  • When is Columban ?