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CODE 2011
  • All my views here are personal.
    CODE 2011 was one quiz I've ever attended which had so much controversies (read: rigging). On day 1, they told us that we had qualified for the finals. And when I checked their facebook page in the evening, out of nowhere, the was a tie between us and another school. I just asked them to show us the sheets of all the finalists, because I was having a serious doubt about Mayoor Noida's qualification. And they were Not At All ready to show the sheets, we talked to their Computer Science HOD, their President, their Quizzing Executives, even the other quiz finalists wanted to see the sheets. Still, they were not ready to show the sheets.
    Their CS HOD - "We can't show you the sheets, nor tell you the cut off, they're highly confidential"

    Then, I asked one of the CODE members that were we really the lowest scorers among the top six or is there any other reason?
    His reply - "We just picked up one team randomly, and it was Cambidge Indirapuram. Hard luck."

    I mean, what's the problem in showing the sheets? 
    Out of sheer disgust, we pressed the buzzer in the tie breaker and walked out without answering.

    PS. These guys should SERIOUSLY learn to use calculators.

    This is what happened at CODE last year

  • ^it happens.Sometimes **it happens....
    However,if possible,questions.......
  • "Highly confidential!" - Yea like the sheets contain the mystery of Area 51, details of Mexico's alien sightings, name of the next Indian President and details of India's nuclear missiles. One of the most stupid comments i've ever heard to be told in a quiz. 

    What's the point in not disclosing a cut-off or not showing the sheets. This only happens if one is guilty of rigging. Will never let this happen in a quiz I conduct. According to me if anyone has a doubt about his/her qualification in a quiz, he must be showed his answer sheet and explained. While how the questions will be marked should be disclosed while giving out the answers.

    AND Seriously Apeejay Noida must attend some quizzes at least to conduct a quiz themselves. Randomly picking up a team to dump them in the tie-breaker is foolishness of the first order. Makes me lough, actually.
  • @vishal khanaa   he aint a bastard of mayoor he is from rukmini devi pubic school . and mind your language he's in class 8  duh
  • @Hackpert : Which school are you from? Rukmani Devi? Which quizzes have you won? Who are you? For the past 2 years there hasn't been a major quiz where we haven't qualified (Both IT and General, with the exception of TCS this year). Our achievements at quizzes(again both IT and General) are matched by only a few schools. Get your facts clear before posting such stuff.

    As far Apeejay is concerned, well, I had issues with them last year, about which I did post on However, the president of CODE, Siddharth Raju seems to be a reasonable and cooperative guy. If what Naman has said is true, then next year we must think twice before participating there.
  • I think I know who Hackpert is. He is none other than the TCS IT Wiz Runner Up. I believe he is quite a small kid (8th class.). And I Agree with Golcha that we must not use un-parliamentary language against this boy. Moreover its like closing the door of on him. 

    As a matter of Fact. @Hackpert. Dhananjay is a great quizzer from DPS Noida. @Abhishek_Gupta is the legend from DPS Noida, whom you might have seen in a white-t-shirt at IT Wiz. Many more brilliant quizzers exist at their school. I know why they haven't come to your knowledge. (That's because they don't socialize much on Facebook Quiz Groups). 

    Moreover lets not call anyone a bastard. He/She may be completely innocent. i.e. the guys from Mayoor School (or whatever it is called) could have come in the finals by their own efforts also.
  •  "We just picked up one team randomly, and it was Cambidge Indirapuram. Hard luck."
    I like this line. Would certainly wish that someone says this to me at some quiz. Would love to see their faces after I respond :P
  • ^Replace *Camridge Indirapuram* with my school's name.
  • @VishalGolcha and Vidit-I wasn't calling Hackpert a bastard.I was referring to the guy from Mayoor School.You should have seen Mayoor's answers in the finals,then you would have doubted whether they had qualified on their own.Never the less,I'm no one to comment on that.I was just pissed by the non-sense and immature allegations by the young chap.Sorry for the unparliamentary language.
  • No issues, grudges or complexes.....maybe my observation is wrong....but DPS Noida's getting a bit rusty.......
    Didn't see them at Limca Book of Records Quiz 2011 Noida. Didn't see them at Japan Quiz 2011....didn't see them at Horlicks Wizkids 2011...
    I heard no one from DPS Noida qualified for TCS IT Wiz 2011...maybe my info is wrong.....since i'm not really regular at quizzes....but it seems that way
  • ^ All I am going to say is that you're not credible. We don't go to every quiz, nor do we win ALL of them. We have a reputation for winning most. We may not be the best, we are definitely not the worst, not even close. There are many people in the quizzing circuit (Not from our school)  who can vouch for our credibility and transparency.
  • @VishalKhanna, Im extremely sorry for my comments, if there is an option to delete my, post pls tell me. I Apologise again, I meant no offences.. Sorry

    @Dhanjanay, Im Saarthak Sachdeva, hackpert is my pen name, Ive also had issues with CODE, and I'll surely be not going there next year, and Im really sorry, i didnt mean any offence.. Extremely sorry.. I think I should sign out of, if my presence is not completely nice here.
    ~Saarthak 'hackpert' Sachdeva

  • ^ I don't want you to quit Just don't make such blatant and offensive allegations. The rest is good.  :)
  • Hey people CODE president Siddhartha Raju this side.
    First of all, all those having prob with the prelims qualification let me tell you that there was a clash btw RDPS and Cambridge. To the participants OF cambridge; Just learn to accept your defeat and to be honest if you think that we were been partial then let me tell you we gave you a chance to prove your point in the tie breaker. As soon as RDPS had a tie with you we informed you guys personally and there was nothing against any1 and if you had prob with mayur school qualification i guess our Computer Hod asked you guys  to ask your teacher to talk to her.  
  • And for the last tine im clearing this that no random team was taken. There was a tie btw the 2.
    both of them managed to ans only 3 questions