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TCS IT Wiz 11-Delhi: Post Quiz discussion
  • RUMOR 1
    I heard that the question about Microsoft Wallet,.Net Passport in TCS IT WIZ Delhi 2011 was not answered correctly by a large no. of teams even those who qualified .
    I got this one right it was Windows Live ID and guess what how do i know this If anyone of you have seen the User Accounts section in the Control Panel of Windows XP there after selecting an account to edit something comes up in the left sidebar showing Help,Common Tasks.etc.
    There's an option about getting a .NET passport and info bout it.So when i first got my PC in about 2005 then i noticed this and remembered this.
    RUMOUR 2
    I heard that the maximum score in this edition was 16-17 of Mr Prempal Singh is it true or not and that of the 8th placed team was 12.5.Please dont take all this as derogatory or something i just dont know.
    General Discussion
    @namandhanuka if u read this Jerand14 is the same person who partnered Manish Singh bisht and was just sitting beside you.I want to tell you that we surely could have qualified along with you had we just got that Children's Day Doodle correct but you did well,i congratulate you for qualifying.Also the Second Life question was some great thinking but tell me that logo which was given in the question was it second life's logo or did u relate it?
    @abhishekgupta if u read this i just want to ask you if u are the same person who Pickbrain remarked by saying that he has been the champion and i wont give u 2 prizes.U came to see the quiz didnt u??
    Extra things
    Did u notice that pickbrain said that no question comes form the book which is given to you before the quiz but both last year and this year questions do come even if not directly form the book.
    Last year the question about Carol Bartz leaving Autodesk and becoming Yahoo CEO was from the book(actually that was really common).  
    This year the Sound Blaster from Creative question aked as the first question of crossword was from the book.
    Help MEEEEEE..................................................
    Can anyone tell me how the champions prepare for TCS IT Wiz.See this question may sound tooo silly but what i want to ask is that reading Wikipedia articles just 1 day before the quiz(that's what i did) its not enough so what to do?
    I dont know anything about books like Blitz,Mindnote( I saw Raunak Sett holding it) what are hey do they help where can i get them form?
    Another big question whats this thing with Flipkart i have never shopped online do they really have Cash on Delivery option(I may be sounding like a 60 year old man who has never used the Internet but believe me there may be many like me).I seriously want to know can i buy a Mobile Phone just by ordering it and then pay when it gets delivered.Anyone who has bought things from there please help me.
    Please dont answer with stupid rude comments.If u think all this is too silly just leave it dont botheer wasting ur time.

  • @jerand14 yeah man he was actually referring to me, i had come in a white t-shirt if you saw me.

    as for the other thing, 8th place guys got 14, they were sitting right behind me when their names were called out and i asked them how much they scored.

    @ prempal  congrats!!

    btw, i dont know if you indeed hold the record for max. titles back to back because i have 4 (including the national 2nd runners up), i just want to know.

  • @jerand14 that was the Linden Labs logo (which developed second life) and Maldives had opened an online embassy namely Second Life. Hence, the answer.

    And Raunak (my partner) was carrying nothing like mindnote :P
  • The highest score was 16.

    @Abhishek - Thanks. Pickbrain was referring to the fact that I am the only one to have won this quiz twice in a row.
  • @jerand14 TCS Wiz requires lots & lots of preppin, which includes but is not limited to Wiki reading, staying up to date with the latest tech, lots of research n more...

    About Flipkart, its like a mini-shop for India. You can order anything from there & choose the Cash-on-Delivery payment option. Then, you'll have to pay for your stuff when your stuff arrives at your doorstep. Its pretty safe, but they mostly lie about the time that your stuff will reach you in...

    About how champions win, I can't really help you on that, as its only my 2nd time & my quiz is on 27th
  • ^don't forget to upload the questions.
  • @7Aces. Try uploading questions of both the prelims and the finals.
  • @Prem: Which standard are you in?
  • Why has this post been titled "Kasab Sent Back to Pakistan and living happily ever after!!"?
  • @jerand: if the title changes back again, strict action will taken against you. Please behave properly.
  • @virtuosovidit: Which standard are you in? And haven't you EVER won anything at TCS IT Wiz? That's sort of ironical since your QGT's so good.
  • Im in 11th. Got the 4th prize last year. Coudnt even qualify the prelims this year (sheer bad luck)
  • @Jerand14  i was the 8th placed team
  • @7Aces Awaiting Mumbai questions!
  • @manas - I am in 11th.