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Silico Battles - Review
  • Firstly, these views do not represent those of my school. They are strictly personal. 

    Ahlcon Public School conducted it's IT symposium today.I would like to recommend everybody to NOT attend it. Badly conducted, volunteers running here and there and have absolutely no clue about what is going on. 
    Me : Where is the Sr. Quiz being held
    Guy 1 : I don't know. Ask him *Points towards another guy*
    Me (To the other guy): Where is the Sr. Quiz being held.
    Guy 2 : I have no clue. Ask that Girl
    Girl (Before I even asked) : I don't know. Don't ask me anything. I am so stressed. *Ran away*
    Me : All of you. If you no idea what's going on. Why are you here
    Guy 1 : Yaar, hum toh class miss karne ke liye aaye hai. Teachers bewakoof hai na.
    If anyone has ever been to a decent IT Quiz (Exun, Code Wars, CORE, etc.) they would know what to questions to expect. What we got at Ahlcon was far from there. Questions such as recognising the type of a programming code, codename of 'Laptop Core i3 and Desktop Core i7'. "Which of these is not a serial bus?" Yes, you guessed it right, it was an MCQ. I asked one of the volunteers there whether there was any negative marking, and I got a very obvious sounding "No" in reply, turns out there was, so said another student volunteer. (I knew I shouldn't have trusted them). It was the worst quiz by far.  I would recommend all to remember the name "Silico Battles" and not attend it ever, unless absolutely necessary. 

    This doesn't mean the school otherwise is bad. (Which might stand true for a lot of other schools). Well the school is good. I know some people there and they are pretty good people. They just don't know how to conduct an IT symposium or an IT Quiz
  • @dhananjay er.. I knew all this would happen. So I conveniently went to Osmosis which had a much more quiz like atmosphere.  B-)
  • @vidit bhaiya: second consecutive mistake.. if I would have known dat u weren't going for Silico.. even I wud have resigned.. till d last day I thought u were cuming along.. :( Poor me..! Sufferings..!
  • Anybody at the prize distribution today?
  • Things I liked in the event-
    1. Pizzas
    2. Prizes
    3. Girls

    Things I disliked-
    Everything else.
  • It was the best Quiz as it was my first stage qualification and i got a podium finish.! :D :D
  • @Arshil: I refuse to comment on that.
  • I am the President (most probably) and event head for Silico this year . I appreciate your honesty .
    I knew that our event wasn't up to the mark because of  some reasons , but you can be sure about the fact that Silico is going to be the best event in NCR this year .
  • haha. MINET is going to kick ass. No pizzas, but everything else will be better
  • @kokroo.. Please triple check ur arrangements.. Dude your gaming event suckkkkked.. :/
  • @dhananjay - Remember the speech on the last day? The IIT one. That was the only thing worth attending in the event. :P

  • Thank god our scholl refused to send us there. I guess our school had forseen it :p
  • *school.

    And I hope MINET is good :)
  • @anunay
    Yeah MINET, will be awesome. Keep your fingers crossed for an inter school quiz in August :p
  • We'll set the bar higher for WarP this year, though - I guess.
  • ...
  • ^Warp was decent last year, I guess Quizcraft hosted it, right?
  • I want each and everyone of you to point the good and bad points regarding Silico Battles . I'd appreciate your honest experiences , whether good or bad .
    What has happened , it belongs to the past . I always look forward to success , while taking a peek at my failures so that I don't repeat them .