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New Season Of BQC
  • For those of you who don't know, the Bournvita Quiz Contest has restarted from today and will be telecast every sunday at 10:30 am on Colors...but i have a few problem here...

    1. It wasnt advertised enough to garner popularity....i wonder how many of you saw it..

    2. The level and number of questions has gone down significantly..

    3. The contestants loked quite young...somewhere around class VI-VII...if schools got invites, kindly tell me the exact age group...

    4. Another quizmaster(the girl who played kareena's sis in jab we met) has been added along with Derek who speaks more than Mr. NoBrein and translates everything into hindi which eats up loads of time...and as a result..we have just 2 rounds..

    i just feel the sheen and the charm of BQC has been lost...

    PS. best of luck to any gyaani who's going

  • BQC sucks. The questions are too stupid. The format has been screwed up... I didn't like it at all
  • It was only for classes 7th and 8th this time. And, guess what? The mother's international school won!!! They are national champs and will go for the asia round in january. The finals will be telecast in september.
  • oh man! BQC has really become worse...!  :-@