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Upcoming Quizzes-July 2011
  • 16-17 July
    Mod Quiz @ Modern School, Vasant Vihar.
    The first day of MOD QUIZ shall be open only for the junior students i.e. students of Classes 4th 
    and 5th only. 
    The theme for the second and third day of MOD QUIZ 
    shall be GENERAL and M.E.L.A.S (Music, Entertainment, Literature, Arts and 


    16th: 9:00 am onwards (General and MELAS Prelims to be held on the same day followed by General Semis.)

    17th: 2:00 pm onwards (MELAS and General Finals)

    *There's an Open Quiz for the alumni of different schools ie a quiz for school passouts on the last day of Mod. Registration fee: Rs 50 per person....

    Kindly make a note of the changes(highlighted)...
    MOD QUIZ 2011.doc 40K
  • The 'Enter' isnt being recorded...
  • @Mukund any chance that mod quiz can be opened to 12th passouts??
  • Umm, no...
  • Parnab Season is open.
  • Get ready for 2 more in August...
  • carmel convent is conducting its own quiz for classes 9 to 12 with just one team allowed of 3 members. i think the quiz starts with the letter E.........
  • Can we get the invitation for Quizzme ?
    If anyone can send it then please send it Bal Bharati Public Dwarka or mail me at
    I would really appreciate it.

  • Bad News Guyz.In all likelihood,the Banyan tree Quiz stands cancelled.
    @Suvigya-where is dis quiz dat u are talking ab8 happening.I mean where is Carmel Convent
  • @menon - why do you say so?
  • please update abt the carmel convent wala quiz soon !
  • And whatever happened to Binary Battles?
  • @vintagemenon it was just told by my quiz teacher that it was a quiz about incredible india and so i hav no clue abt try googling it guys
    @vishal will try to help asap.........
  • try this no. may be it helps 26871299
  • G@teway 2011 will be happening on 29th July 2011. and There will be a tech-quiz in the event. - That is all I know right now.
  • @Suvigya: Ask ur quiz teacher about d other details of the quiz..And do post them..
  • @mukundM other details as in?????????
  • No detail is given here..Most imp. being date,registration details, invites etc...
  • ok u want all this u want with a cover letter also???????????
  • would be appreciated :-7 ^o)
  • Any details on Columban?
  • Ok, guys heres the info for The Carmel quiz.

    Date: 27 July,11
    venue: Carmel Convent
    Eligibility:9-12 school students
    Theme: Incredible India

    Last Date to register: 8th July

    (I hope some guy(s) here will now learn how to get and provide 'details'....) 
  • @dhananjay - Columbian is on the same day as G@teway (29th July)
  • Ok , Firstly , where is Carmel Convent ? 
    And , I really want to take part , and today is the last day . Can we Negotiate ? 
  • Pottermaniaqs Quiz on 17th July:
    Calling all geeks and Potter freaks, it's time to take your Pottermania to the next level. Close on the heels of the release of HP7, QuizCraft & Eureka Bookstores are delighted to present PottermaniaQs, the ultimate family quizzing challenge for all you muggles. This quiz will test you on everything you know (or ought to know) about the Potter books, films, games, merchandise, theme parks, everything...

    Rules of engagement
    1. Open quiz - anyone can participate
    2. Teams of 2 - both members should be related
    3. All teams take a written preliminary test. Top 12 teams qualify for 2 selector rounds, involving 6 teams each. Top 3 teams from each selector make it through the the GRAND FINALE -- a glitzy, high-speed, onstage event featuring audio-visual rounds and several mindbending formats.
    4. Great prizes for all teams, and several special questions & prizes for the audience as well
    5. SPECIAL PRIZE for the Most Pottery Person -- who is dressed most innovatively or imaginatively or faithfully or geekily as a Harry Potter character/prop/object whatever...

    So re-read & re-watch and get set to re-gurgitate :P

    To register, please email the names, relationship, phone numbers, and email IDs of the team members with the subject line as POTTERMANIAQS to 
    2. contactus@eurekabookstore.​com
  • Harry Potter Quiz. I may vomit. :-P

    On a serious note, is anyone skipping MOD for this?