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Sports Quiz - Nexus 2011
  • Conducted the Sports Quiz at NEXUS 2011 - Annual Fest of Sri Venkateswara College.

    Uploading Prelims. 

  • Some questions were lifted from the parnab mukherjee mega-archive :P but on the whole its a very good prelim  Also i'd like to have answers to some questions.
  • Some sitters and some really nice ones . Brilliant Prelims !!!

  • @Yash: You have an exam!!! Study!!! Otherwise you won't get Science with Computers :-P
  • @virtuosovidit,

    Yeah a lot has been taken from I made the whole Sports Prelims and Finals while the General Quiz was going on. That was done by OHT ( try and get its archive :P

  • Yeah, try to get the OHT questions. Those were really good.

    1) Slazenger

    2) France

    3) Coined after Dick Fosbury (USA High Jumper). It is an unconventional method of jumping (conventional method at that time was jumping on their stomachs)

    4) It is the black briefcase carried by the President of USA when he's travelling. It is used to launch a nuclear attack incase of an emergency.

    5) First Class Averages over 100 - Damien Martyn / Geoff Boycott / Mark Ramprakash / Graham Gooch

    6) Eliminated in Group Stages even though all the teams didn't lose a single match.

    7) Team Lotus

    8) Polo

    9) Batting, Bowling, Fielding

    10) Have all missed penalties for England in WC after extra time

    11) Rocky Marciano

    12) FIFA World Cup Mascots

    13) Johnty Rhodes

    14) Eden Park, Auckland

    15) SONNET Cricket Club and Sri Venkateswara College

    16) Caroline Wozniacki and Qatar Open

    17) Azerbaijan

    18) Daniel Vettori

    19) Sheffield United

    20) Ajay Jadeja in 1999

    21) It means the jockey never raised his whip during the race.

    22) Amicizia means Friendship in Italian. This was at Liverpool vs Juventus in 2005, 20 years these two teams 
    met after the Heysel Tragedy. As a mark of respect, this was displayed by the KOP at Anfield.

    23) Missing City - ROME. All were runners up in their bid to host the Olympics.

    24) Superbowl

    Highest was 15. Cut off was 10. 
  • awsum prelims....dat 3 stumps qustn was stupendous..


  • Gr8 prelims
  • superb.....