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NDTV IDBI "Sawaal India Ka" Quiz
  • As you know NDTV was doing the prelims for sawaal India ka. Who all got selected ?
    Also it would be great if people can post India based questions in the topics of History and Mytho, Politics and Govt, Cricket,Bollywood and IT and Automobiles to help the participants.

    As far as I know from my school(alumni) we had 5 people selected-
    1.Abhishek Gupta-IT
    2.Utkarsh Aggarwal-Cricket
    3. Varun Mehta-History and Mytho
    4.Purushottam Gupta-History and Mytho
    5.Rishav Dey -Cricket
  • Don't know much about the event, but wasn't it for more than 18 year olds?
  • yea so we all were 18 and above :)
  • I know! I was talking about myself, couldn't participate :-(
  • Congratulations!
  • school ke alumni, sounds different!!!
    i need help regarding the automobiles section, so anyone have any questions or places from where i can prepare please let me know
  • I participated in the pilot episode for IT with Rajeev Maakhni and lost the competition but they didn't have any other episode shot, nor was it aired. I asked one of the persons related and they said they ran into sponsorship issues hence its deferred for some time now.
    The questions are very easy, and all of us (gyaaniz) should win it if luck be on our side too.
  • The promos have been shot but havent been aired. I went for the mock shoot for the History section. 

    Yeah things are getting delayed because of sponsorship issues. They are searching for better options. :P 
  • When did this event take place :O 
  • Theres no fixed date. Its happening.You should have seen the Upcoming quizzes thread..
  • havent got a call as yet.
  • How are the selections done? Do we have a written paper? and do we get to choose our topic?
  • Anyone going for wriiten round and camera auditions on 11th at SRCC ???
  • How was it Aman?
  • IDBI has come in as sponsor and the shoots have started off well! 
    @Chirag@Rishav@Abhishek: Are u people there?
  • It was fine Mukund . The category I had chosen was Bollywood , getting 28/30 in written . Camera round was okay . What about you ? And what do u think is a safe score , or are they gonna give more weightage to camera round ??
  • Thats perfect! You'll get selected! Yeah, more weightage is camera round but I have heard people are not able to score well in the written too. You have an edge on both of these!

    My shoot is over. It was great!
  • Hmm lets see , cant be sure as Bollywood has maximum no. of ppl participating . 
    You had your shoot also :O ?? Means they have called people whom they have shortlisted earlier when they didnt have any sponsors....nicee . So whats your category and  who is the quizmaster for that ? And I guess they are gonna select around 170 ppl from all over India , 32 for each category , is it - thats the way it  was in your shoot , 4 people for 1 episode ? And main question - Won anything ?? Share your experience in detail :P  
  • Yeah, thats true! They are selecting 160 people...
    My category is History n Mytho. Host is Mr. Pankaj Pachauri. I ll tell u in detail though message as the organizers wont find it good with me telling out the results before the telecast. Earlier a post had created a fuss...
  • Hmm ,  just 160 - they should have selected atleast 10 for each epsiode .
    Thats perfectly fine  . 
  • hey cn any 1 tell mee when ll the written results will be going 2 declare ??
  • @Sourabh.....m frm chandigarh nd category was Bollywood Still waiting for d written results nd hve nt any idea whn dey r gonna b declared....anyhw i knw myh written score is 26 out of 30(set B)....hve u any idea hw many answers given by u were correct?????nd Camera rOund was so so here bcz i was facing camera for d first tym!!well lets c wt ll happn.......all d bst to all buddies ovr here!!

  • I have heard the show starts on 26 Sep on ndtv india.
    i saw dis teaser..

  • @DSRANA-dude am frm hyderabad n mah topic was politics n hpe i got above 25 marks n all d bst 2 d way whn dix game show ll start onn t.v

  • when will be the reults fr the written test and camera round auditions declared..?
  • The Final results will be declared soon as the site says . 
    Follow the facebook group for regular updates ---