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  • Saw this UK film last night , suggested by a friend . An Awesome one , really cool . A fun and refreshing tale about Brian Jackson , played by James McAvoy and his first year at Bristol University .

    So , why I m talking about this here - simply becuase its based on Quizzing , yeah you got that right , a film on Quizzing with few good questions as well !!! 

    With Jackson preparing for the famous British Quiz programme , University Challenge and how he cracks it in the end ( rather I should say how he himself gets cracked ) , thats the crux along with all the mishappenings he goes through in his first year --- its surely a Must watch for every Quizzer I feel , and even the general audience will surely like it

    Maybe some of you have seen it before , but still posting this here since its "nothing official about" forum , Enjoy Folks !! 


  • dude .. wat a coinci !!! i jus saw the movie lst night ... lurrrrrved it !! its sorta funny too !!!
  • *Tempted to watch despite exam*
  • Since I don't want to necropost or make another chit chat thread,

    As many quizzers will know, Pornab Mukherjee has a, weird popularity. He's called Walking-Talking encyclopedia, and is hated to form off-topic questions, outof nowhere. Admired, and hated as well.

    But no one hates him as our Bong friends do.
    I found this, summarized article, explaining.
    I, of course, knew this, since in college I go quizzing with this friend of mine from Kolkata, who wants to, well, I'll censor it, whenever he sees Pornab.
  • I had read this earlier.But that didn't not lower my respect for Parnab by a single percent.I guess I have had too much of bad stuff.BTW did you guyz see Derek using the F-word on TV........BAttle for Bengal CNN IBN>