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Forum etiquette
  • I wanted to make basic forum rules clear to everyone, just as a reminder.

    * DO NOT WRITE IN ALL CAPS: Writing in all caps is considered shouting/rude. Please don't do it.
    * Use proper grammar and punctuation: Be nice to the other people on the forum reading - write using proper grammar and punctuation. Not doing so makes it harder for everyone else to read as they must sit and decipher what you've written. Using 'short forms' or SMS lingo is okay when you're using it for short responses; longer text with bad grammar/punctuation is not. If you do post a thread/comment that does this repeatedly, they WILL be closed/deleted.
    * Do not flood the forum with multiple thread with few questions in each on a single day: Ideally, questions should be posted in QOTD thread for the day. If you've a specific themed question set, then start a new discussion - but please do not create multiple threads with just a handful of questions each on the same day.
    * Post QUALITY content: I know this one could be controversial but I'm going to say it anyway. We are all quizzing enthusiasts here - so take the time out to research and post interesting and challenging questions. Sure, we cater to a large audience of quizzers of different tastes, but even then questions like 'What is the full form of UNESCO?' and 'What is a tumour?' are frivolous questions. If you continuously post what is considered to be poor quality content, the discussions will be closed/deleted. (The only exception to this rule are question sets or archives specifically for quizzes that have those sort of questions.)
    * Be civil: Whether you disagree with someone, think their question/answer has inconsistencies, or just in general discussions, be civil and polite.
  • I believe a right post at the right time. 

    Though the bombardment of new users has made to grow rapidly, but it is also somehow spoiling the authenticity of the forum. The crispness which we had when we were may be 6 months old or so is not there. What I feel is that all but few people are trying to 'show-off' (I hope that someone proves me wrong) their 'talent'. More so there are a few who have taken up their task to point errors in others and make a fuss out of it. I think thats not why we are here. We do respect each others talent, their greatness and expertise in this field. So lets pls share* a very friendly and chilled environment.

  • Precisely my sentiments Mukund. I hope everyone on the forum reads and listens too.
  • I love'd' the forum mostly because of the 'way of conduct' of you people. With the Golden Oldies almost retiring away, I felt like keeping a distance too. I do not intend to demean the newer ones, rather anyone but somehow I cherished the past.
  • @MukundM The old always make way for the new - it's time for people like you to be the ones everyone else looks up to now.

    Speaking for most of the moderators, many of us still visit the forum and keep an eye. I know I haven't for a commented for a while, but I'll try to at least read the forums daily.
  • Yes it is.

    Thanks for that post Ankur Bhaiya.

    @Mukund Bhaiya- Yes I agree totally.

  • hey okay....but hes very rude. what does he thinks of himself . he should have a sense of respect
  • Very true, Ankur! I completely agree with Mukund too. I feel the same for what has been happening over a month.
    @ishaan: whom r u referring to? i dont find ne of d above post/person rude or lacking a sense of respect...actually what i see in other discussions is that u hav been warned of lacking etiquettes..nd once again u r not polite here too. pls take care!
  • @Everyone: Dont fight guyzz.Quizzing is what we all love And we all should behave in a well mannered way.!

    And If i'm wrong in any way plzzz enlighten me....

  • @arshil_19 Of course, forum moderators will always be there to help and guide everyone. :) So let whatever's happened, leave that behind and let's try to enjoy this quizzing forum for what it is.
  • Look, we all were new to this forum some time or the other. At least I was! Came here about an year ago. Hence, my personal view on the etiquette thing is, this. Moderators should help. I myself being one and more over being free now, am ready to help.

    However what newcomers should understand is this. Take your time, look at the discussions, try to answer the questions (Don't Google, this destroys the essence of quizzing). Since, you are newcomers, to quizzing even. You would find the on-going discussions a wee-bit tough. So I perfectly understand if you ask the full-form UN, or what ever question you think is good. But Having said that, Newcomers must not try to put themselves on 4th gear from day one. Read the forum regularly, try being a newcomer, that is be on the answering side first and then question. This will help all the newbies, socialize better with the old members. And the above described etiquettes "must be followed", if you are keen on staying on the forum. And One more thing, No One can help you prepare a quiz! Quizzing in its most basic structure is not meant for any kind of preparation or help, it is meant for knowledge seekers not material muggers. What you know is, What you display in a quiz. Asking help and questions from others means, What you know is known by others, how can you expect to win that quiz then