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  • Hello all,
    I just wanted to inform you all tha Dhananjay and I, being the newsletter editors of gyan[dot]in, would appreciate any type of help you all can provide. We are open for any suggestions from you. Afterall the newsletter is for you only. Feel free to write your suggestions(anything...such as including a particular topic, any idea, etc) in this comment, you will be credited for that.
    What we are also doing is randomly picking up the quizzer of the month. For this we needed a criteria, so we decided whosoever will send us the best 'questions' in any field would be chosen. Suppose if a person A sends it in for History, and B sends it for Science, they both get showcased in the newsletter.
    This month's topics for the quizzes are Political History and Aviation which are to be 'e-mailed' to Dhananjay Sahai at and my topics are IT and Science which are to be 'e-mailed' to me at or
    Do post down messages on any of the newsletter editors' wall confirming that you have sent them the mail. Indirectly, we are looking for the 1 best question and yes, it won't be judged on the toughness, mind you. Queries welcome....
    Looking forward to the questions.
    Mayank Vachher
    gyaan[dot]in Newsletter Editor
  • I just wanted to ask about this newsletter, Is there any specific time period between each consecutive newsletter? 'Cause I haven't received any newsletter from since i've joined. And I joined it at the end of august this year. (BTW i've signed up for the mailing list.)

    Please do reply,
  • Ideally monthly, but we need content to go in the newsletter!
  • ^Seconded. We need content. And I have NOT got any quizzes for publication... We have compiled the Best of ... But we need your contribution... I make an appeal to all the members of this website to contribute something... If not one whole quiz, then just send us suggestions...
  • Hmm.. but where is the GK Quiz Section?
  • Look Vidit, even G.K. involves many different sub-sections, so we are stessing on those particular topics. hope you got the point.
  • hmm...I get it. :)
  • For GK we already have QOTDs... If you really think that you have made a GK Quiz that is good, and deserves publication... You can mail it to us... We may make an exception... Provided the quiz deserves it...
  • I have recently received many complaints that say that we have not dispatched a newsletter in a long time. I'd like to remind everyone that we need material. I have seen many members put fantastic QOTDs. Yet we do not get material for publication. Please give us material for publication. You can give as many questions as you want. From 5 to 5000 and we will read them all and consider them for publication. Members Please contribute.
  • right..ok so, will it be fine if i make a suggestion? I know its your task @dhananjay and @mayank, but i'd like suggest that you could compile the month's best QOTDs, and some from weekly quizzes and also give some of the month's important news. What say?

    and if the suggestion is not very appreciative, i can still send a quiz.
  • Send a quiz and suggestions we are welcome to both... @vidit: We have both, but we need to put something other than what is already there and make it less monotonous... And send us a quiz... Please... You can always make suggestions....
  • Should we scrap the idea of themed quizzes and think of something new? We also would like suggestions that make the newsletter more approachable to the members… so that you all can contribute... Any suggestion implemented will be credited, appreciated and encouraged... Thank you!
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  • @Manas : Yeah! Another Spammer. It shall be done.
  • spam has declared war on gyaan