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Jack kilby 10'
  • Lets all prepare ourselves for jack kilby this year...all senior gyaanis...please help out your juniors!!
  • When is it?
  • starting next week with chennai!!
  • ok...starting with a question....what is the largest nocturnal primate...
  • Dude..I feel bad nobody from this batch has come forward to help. I would have helped personally but I never went for Kilby in the first place. Following are discussions from last years quiz when I guess we had a better response from the community. If you have already seen them,then I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  • I agree with Amrit. Guys, if you have archives of past Jack Kilby quizzes do post them here.
  • I also didn't get a chance to go to Kilby.
    Since I came to Delhi after 10th.
  • its my first time to jack kilby....
  • Ok well first of all jack kilby is in my opinion is an extremely practical just needto apply what you might have read of or heard of at some point of time..aneways best of luck to all preparing for it..i am just attaching a pehle ka paper..hope it helps..also attached is a texas instrument quiz paper..
  • Does anyone know what is the last date for registration?
  • 2 days before the day of the contest...
  • Thanks for posting the Jack Kilby archives, Utkarsh. :) Hope that helps participants this year!
  • Does Jack Kilby have tech based questions as well or only pure science?
  • Its Pure science...with only few questions on Technology
  • oh no no no they ask all sorts of questions...i remember we had one where there was a diagram of the cd rom drive's working...and there were a few sitters like Kindle not rule out tech questions, it IS a science AND tech quiz.
    Archives don't help much since there are generally no repeats, Ochintya is a KQA guy and his questions are workable, you do not really need to mug things up for this one. Be observant, look into the question and do not overthink answers. There was a sitter in the written where the answer was gastric acid, but we thought it couldn't be that easy, thus we wrote peptic acid, which was wrong.
    He's asked a lot of questions on mnemonics...for the value of Pi, vertebral column etc. You could check that out.
    Written round has quite a lot of year had around 6-8, if I am not wrong.
    I participated thrice, finished 4th in 08 where the difference between the top team and us was 5 points. Yeah, that's how close it is.
    There are a LOT of questions in last year's thread,
  • @aditthya: thnx alot!
  • Last year was my first at TI and I finished a decent 2nd and got binoculars worth Rs.10,000/- !!!
  • dis is a question wich was asked in the jack kilby bangalore edition 2009
    All of us would have sometime or the oder forgotten to carry our toothbrushes while travelling and we end up brushing with our hands.However we observe dat the froth and foam produced is extremely less compared to brushing with a brush. Why???? dis is a reasoning question.....SO THINK

    Another problem....I am not able to start a new discussion on dis site
  • the bristles give more friction and helps produce more foam....our fingers cont offer much friction...thats the answer i guess
  • aditthya is the answer to your question the Aye Aye ??????
  • what two pokemon are inspired by the axotoxl?
  • dat case brushing with a stone wud produce lot of foam...dat does not happen..:P:P:P
  • whats the answer?
  • its coz......da brushes are while briushing u r giving more air to ur mouth....or ur mouth is foam is produced