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Problem accessing the site?
  • Has anyone been facing issues lately loading pages on I often find these days that pages on stop loading halfway and then I've to refresh the page for it to load fully. I'm trying to determine whether this is an issue with the website or something wrong with my university's internet connection. moderators currently residing in the US say they face no issues, but that might be because our server is in the US.
    So, has anyone else been facing slow load times or pages stopped loading halfway?
  • No, not at all, mine is just fine.
    In fact, it loads faster than Google sometimes!
  • Yesterday and day before, as a matter of fact, but not today.
  • I've had issues with loading pages. Ironically, this same discussion page stopped loading after the logo was displayed on my system. I guess it has got to do something with internet speed. Pages usually stop loading  midway when I open multiple tabs from gyaan.
  • I've had no problems at all. :D
  • He mentioned users in US don't have a problem.
  • Accessing, No. But, I must put this issue up. On Chrome and Safari. To write comments one needs to use HTML coding or it all comes in one line.
  • Hmm, I have the issue when I'm opening multiple tabs from but not when opening a single page. Can anyone else confirm this?
    @Dhananjay: Known issue. Unfortunately, we can't do anything as the plugin used for 'rich text' entry itself is broken on Chrome and Safari.
  • Bump. It's important that someone can confirm this problem so that if it exists, it can be called. Is there a problem loading the site when multiple tabs from are being loaded simultaneously.
  • Mine works fine on MIE for single or multiple tabs. That too, very fast.
  • Nah , not facing any kinda problem .
  • On a single tab it doesn't load, often.
  • Thanks. Will investigate this.
  • has been moved to a better server that can now serve pages faster and handle more load. :)
  • what does the label "Sticky" (written by the side of discussion name) means? how this label is given..??
  • A sticky is basically a feature that literally sticks a topic to the top of the page, irrespective of how long it's been since someone posted in the thread. As of now, only moderators/the admin have the ability to make a thread sticky or to de-stick a sticky thread.