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Official Gyaan[dot]in Wave on Google Wave
  • Yeah, the whole point of having a "nothing official about it" stand was that should not be like the other forums in terms of competition and keeping stats as to who's scoring the most points etc. Just keep to the random team assignment and I think all should be well.

    Count me in as well
  • @ Agrim - random teams. Yes. But they should be changed every month...
  • I think we should have a 'mock' quiz, soon (maybe tomorrow). I'd also like to give a few ideas from my side
    I think, we should keep the weekends as the day for quizzes (i guess, everyone is free on those days), and in those two days anyone can conduct an online quiz (of which he'll announce before hand and get the teams sorted out).
    This'll make for a whole day of quizzing, and all on different topics. Quizes can be as small as 5 questions long and as big as full-quizzes (like we have in schools), so no restriction on how long a quiz has to be.
  • add me too
  • me too
  • As I informed in my previous post, i'll be hosting a mock online quiz tomorrow! :). The theme is general. Since, its a mock run, i'll keep it to just 5 questions.
    Update: The Timing has now been changed to 7:00PM
  • Well add me too,
    and could you plese tell me how to get to the forum of Wave?
  • Me too .
    Bt yeah , I dont have Wave , so how can I get it now ??
  • I will be hosting a tech quiz after vidit's general quiz. It would be around 20 questions long.
  • hey add me

    btw when is the tech quiz?
  • Just after vidit's quiz that is around 12:30 or 12:45.
  • i have school!!!
    please host the quiz in the evenings!!!
  • @arunavha and aman I've invited you all to Wave.

    @aditthya hmm, lets see,i may host it in the evening, i'll confirm by today evening
  • yeah please hold it in the evening
  • Add me for the tech quiz -
  • @kabir3 - everybody's invited.
  • I am not added to the wave.Please add me
    What are the quiz timings ?
  • The quiz timings have now been changed to 7:00PM.
  • Hey Vidit, can't make out where or how to get with Wave.
    A little help, please.
    And I didn't get any invites either. Where did you send them???
  • @arunavha, i've invite you to wave through email, you can other wise goto Google[dot]com/wave and login with your email ID. There in the 'Center Pane', you'll find the title 'Gyaan[dot]in official wave]
  • @Vidit
    Thnx a tonne :)
  • Count me in I also don't have Google Wave.
  • @vintagemenon - just login with your ID
  • Sorry dude, can't get the 'Centre pane'