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Official Gyaan[dot]in Wave on Google Wave
  • Gyaan[dot]in is now on Google Wave. The wave can be used for knowledge sharing. You can use the wave to share about any important piece of knowledge you come across. It may be any current news of great importance or about any old historical event.

    The wave, will also provide easy access to knowledge. You all check your emails daily, don't you? Any new Blip on the Gyaan[dot]in Wave will be emailed to your GMAIL accounts.

    What do you think about this initiative? Drop in your comments with your email-ids (Since the service is from Google, So it'll be only GMAIL ids) to get access to the Official Gyaan[dot]in Wave.
  • I don't use Wave much, but what the heck, put me in.
  • even i dont use wave that much.still
  • put me in too
  • Ya me too
  • put me in
  • put me too
  • All information should be on this website... That must be the priority...
  • me too.
  • @dhananjay - Mon Ami everything remains at the website, the official wave is just a handy place to conduct interactive online quizes (in real-time), and share some little facts (for which one can use the website also) i guess, it shouldn't affect the site?
  • @vishal - since it's google wave, a yahoo id won't work
  • @ vidit - it might! As I first used my hotmail id to sign up! But still try it!
    Also we can hold quizzes on a particular date and time for gyaanis on the wave, dividing them into teams which will help them socialize and enjoy quizzing! I hope you get the concept.... They will be kind of short quizzes for about 2.5 hours each quiz per week. Kind of those held on weekends. As they will be divided into teams even if a person is absent, his/her team members can handle it.
  • :) nice idea, shall we start with it next week, since its mostly holiday time now we can have the quizes on weekdays also?
  • It sounds good, but a lot of co-ordination would be needed. A person may remember it for days before such a event, but may forget on the day of it.
    [Like I did on Vidit's quiz, partially not my fault, the mail went to spam. ]

    You get the point.
  • Hmm, then we'll keep it on a fixed day, like every saturday evening or something?
  • Fixed day for a quiz sounds great!
  • lets allow different quiz masters for each quiz

    every week different theme
  • we'll call it the quizzing hour. The different mods can be the quiz masters for various rounds and the members divided into different teams for different months. Consider 9 people a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,and i.
    For the month of October:
    team 1 = a,b,c
    team 2 = d,e,f
    team 3 = g,h,i
    For the month of November:
    team 1 = d,b,f
    team 2 = g,e,i
    team 3 = a,h,c
    I hope you get the point!
    @Abhaas - We might even have a reminder system which(maybe the mods/quiz master) will post on the member's wall as a comment, so that you are reminded. Also a mail could be sent to all the participants.
  • Great idea!!!
    Co-incidentally, I had been thinking of something like just this for the past week.
  • @mayank nice idea, we could even maintain stats for each players.
  • dis sounds exciting..!!
  • @Virtuso
    I dont know..if I am right here.. but taking down STATS was something we had discussed in the beginning too and nobody approved off it. I dont think that's the right way to go.
  • Yeah, it isn't in the sense of this site at all.
    Its no competition, who scored more and stuff like that.
  • @rishav and abhaas, i didn't no 'bout that. Its fine, we can do without stats also :) .