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  • I think that gyaan has been entirely successful in its motives and would like to ask if it would be beneficial to further publicize this platform.
    As I am a Times NIE Student Reporter, maybe I could write an article for the newspaper and get it printed.

    I also wanted to ask you guys if we should promote gyaan through platforms like SpicMacay and others.
  • Promote in what way?
  • @Jhashank - Not a bad idea.
  • @D_S : Its a cultural institution that promotes classical Indian music and stuff.
    Something like that.
  • @jshashank
    Go ahead and write one. I think it would be great.
  • First of all, we like to call this website gyaan dot in. Second, that is an awesome idea. Go ahead mate!
  • Awesome idea Jhashank! :D
  • Thanks ...

    @rhead - More users more content. Also, Popularity.

    @dhananjay - Bcoz I can do that.Also, It has a large circle. I also mentioned other Platforms.

    @rishav... u got the spelling wrong ... its jhashank.

    Il write is as soon I get the iD at which i shud mail it for them.

    @aditya ... I knw ... I will write dat.
  • @abhaas: I asked Why not What...
    @jhashank: NIE thing is good... what other options do you have?
  • Have some interschool friends. In many schoools.