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How to register for a quiz?
  • Many a times, when some info about an Upcoming Quiz is posted some of us wish to know how to get ourselves registered? So I thought to share my experience of an year or more in registering for most of the quiz events in my school- Bal Bharati, Noida. Presidents and Secretaries of Clubs have to do this! There were moments for us when an extremely important quiz had to start within less than a couple of hours, the venue was more than an hour away and we were not registered/authorized to go. But still we made it. So the whole process of initiating the idea to participate, then registering, finally attending the quiz and sometimes(very few times) winning them is just phenomenal. School Quizzing is really great!

    1. Ask for the invites of a particular quiz from the Activity Incharge/Quiz Club Incharge of your school. Most probably the answer would tend to be No we havent received the invites yet.  (If the invitations have been received by them, omit the next steps and move onto the 4th.)

    2. Dont get disheartened if the invites are not in the school. As we are in a tech savvy generation, information about most of the quizzes are there on the net(Its better to read it as Most of the details are there and you can download the invites. If there is a provision for E-registrations, then go ahead with it. Task over guys! (If somehow you got the info from QuizCraft's FB Wall and have a query, it wont be answered there. As they just post details about their upcoming events and are not interested in resolving them. Move down to the 3rd step.) 

    3. If this doesnt help, spend your bucks by calling the Organisers of the quiz, introduce yourself and your school and ask them for the invites. You need to be extremely polite as its the matter of your school's prestige. Remember to specially ask for E-Invites as they are quicker to receive.

    4. Run/Sprint behind your Activity In-charge/Quiz Club In-charge to get those invitations approved. You might have to give many explanations stating the importance of the quiz and the reason as to why your school should be there. You need to be reasonable. If they agree, then you ll have to fill in the required registration forms of the quizzes and get them authorized by the School before posting them back to the organisers.

    5. Many schools, dont allow individual/self participation during school hours and allow you to participate by providing you with an escort teacher and transport for the quizzes. Its cool as its not your head-ache to reach the venue. But if they dont allow that, then you have to sit back and send your good wishes to other participating schools. Whereas many schools provide you with a T/A and then you have to help yourself and your team to the venue. Be prepared then!

    6. After all this commotion, you are registered for the quiz. Huh! Just relax now and come to the venue(on-time), all charged up and enjoy!

    *Remember these steps work mainly in School Quizzing. For College quizzing, things are different. Most of the times you can just barge in to participate as and when you feel. Also they are scheduled at I.S.T.(I am sure that you all know what IST stands for- Indian Stretchaaable Time). So planning things are difficult.

    Hope you all come up with your experiences too!

  • For College quizzing-

    1. Be in touch with here, quizzing blogs, college notice boards, and Facebook events. During the main season ( Starting post mid term exams- December, to March.), there can be upto two quizzes at different corners of delhi, not to mention multiple quizzes at a single location. Get your dates sorted out, properly arranged, so that you aren't confused as to when to go where, avoid missing out on dates, and make a complete fool of yourself.

    2. Note down the contact details of the organizers, and remember to call them up on the morning of the quiz to confirm the timings. As Mukund said, quizzes don't really start on time they are supposed to be. They can always be postponed, but are never preponed. Keep bugging the organizer. If you are late, you can always call up and ask him about whether the quiz is going to be delayed.
    Or have it delayed.
    Yes, you can do that. This is where personal contacts come in. If you are a regular, 90% chance he'll delay it. Throw in claim about multiple teams coming in, and he'll get a reason to delay the quiz.
    Time, is thrown out of whack when it comes to quizzing. Take it for granted quizzes will be late by at least 15-30 minutes.

    3. Pre-registration is optional. It is only done so that the organizers can get an idea how many people will turn up, so that they make appropriate arrangement. So don't sweat it out.

    4. Mark your directions to the venue a night before. Some college are tricky to be found, and will definitely give you a hard time. Get to know about transport, especially if you have two places to go on the same day.

    5. And finally, after you win, hunt them down for prize money-certi. 110% sure they will give you a number to contact for your prizes. Doesn't work. Big colleges like IIT, Hindu, and Stephens have done this. It will be more than 6-8 months before you get your moolah. So you need to be on their back always.

    Surprisingly, small scale quizzes are most punctual.

    That's all there is. It isn't really tough. The huge number of quizzes can be tiring, but it is worthwhile. More you attend, more you gain, knowledge and pockets, both. Archives are readily found, and you get to interact with seniors who are in the circuit for last many years. Don't be bogged down if you feel out of place in the first year. There is DRASTIC change from school-to-college quizzing. The way you work stuff out, which field is your actual strength, et al. Five, ten quizzes you attend, and you'll be raring to go.

    Hope it helps.
  • xD nice1 for school quizzing.But, sadly, it is true :'(
  • @Mukund-Prashad mang ke khanaa chahiye,aaram se milne ke baad nahin.
  • Hey you didnt get me, Lotion. What i mean is 'Jhoota Prashad' baanta nahin jaata. Aur jo prashad dusron se MILA ho us par AHANKAAR nahin karna chahiye. Phir chahe vah Shri Shri Prateek Vijayvargia ka ho ya Anshul kharbanda ka. :P
  • @Abhaas: Superb truth and gr8 post! Experienced it numerous times this year. But the 'take a chill pill attitude' of college quiz organisers is sometimes discouraging. Well would share a very good irony to your 1st line of your 2nd point.
    I wished 2 participated in the India Moksha quiz at NSIT. I called the organiser and got the timings confirmed. In the morning I called once again to check and he said that it had been postponed as another quiz is to be held at that time spot. I was going there just because of the India quiz. When I was half way down the route I called him up once again to check, only to know that the quizzes happened according to the original schedule and that India quiz was over. Now what does one wish to do at such a moment?You cant even bang the head of the other person on a mobile....A similar thing had happened with me in the rendezvous festival at IITD. Then the quiz had been cancelled! :( 
  • Happens.
    You can't really help it. When you organize your own quiz, you will see you face the same problem.

    Now for your case, well, shit happens. There are lots of other quizzes, so one or two cancellations isn't a big deal.

    And yeah, unless they say they are postponing a quiz by a day, reach the venue on the given time.