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In this Discussion was shut down on 24th September 2013. Thanks to the entire community which made this journey so awesomeballs. Read more.
A note about the downtime over past two days
  • Hi all,

    Over the past two days, you might have noticed that you were unable to access any pages as an 'Internal Server Error' message was thrown up. What happened was that the forum software was upgrade to a new version, and the upgrade went wrong. Over this period, I was in touch with the hosting provider in trying to sort out the problem. At first, a rollback was attempted. When that didn't work, the forum was updated manually. Everything seems to be working fine now. :)

    The forum software update is expected to make the forum more reliable and stable. I heard from a couple of people that a lot of you guys where getting database errors when browsing the site. Hopefully, this solves the problem. If this persists or you encounter other problems when using the forum, please let me know!

    PS - Wow, I haven't posted a discussion here for a while, have I. Fear not, I drop by every now and then to read through discussions and comments. Jiayou, good work guys - and for those currently having or facing exams, best of luck!
  • But how did you manage to post this forty five minutes into the future? It's 11 AM in India now, and I think my clock is set to ist.
  • Yesterday AM, not PM.
  • Wait. You posted this yesterday? Didn't see it. Plus, even this post is fifteen minutes ahead.
  • Accha. Time appears to be GMT+6
  • Hey, why am I not allowed to view my inbox and profile ? 
  • Yeah same problem here too.
  • I can see my inbox, but not my profile.
  • Actvity option not working.. [-(
  • Thanks for the reports guys. Could you please check whether it's working now?

    (If not, do you get any error message of any sort etc that could help debugging?)
  • It works now.
  • I seem to be not getting the permission to delete my attached files..
  • hello u hve made gr8 platform fr us thnku
     im new
  • @virtuosovidit: How about now?
  • Na! still not allowing me  :-?
  • @virtuosovidit Could you point the discussion to me?
  • here, this one : Link
  • @virtuosovidit: Don't you see a trashcan icon next to the attachments after clicking 'Edit'?
  • Can you please give the code to embed an image? For mobile web use.
  • @ankurb .. I see it when i click it asks me whether I am sure I want to do that, i say yes and it gives me this error "{"Code":401,"Exception":"You don't have permission to do that." What do I make of it?

    "<img src="imageurl">"
  • @virtuosovidit: Try again now please.
  • Didn't work, Vidit. Tried already.
  • @crystalunicorn The mobile version of the site doesn't allow HTML (for security reasons) and cannot upload files (file upload from mobiles is iffy).
  • But when I used the img tag in a discussion, something like an image did show up.
  • Speaking of mobile website, i think there should be an option to switch between original and mobile site.