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Quiz Announcement-Quizfest at NSIT-35k+ cash prizes in hand+in kind
  • Hi
    NSIT,Dwarka will be holding a quizfest with 11 quizzes over 3 days. And yes, none of you will have to miss the LSR quiz on 11th for the same as well 
    The dates for the quizfest are 11th-13th February 2011.
    The event schedule,details and contacts are given here as there will be a separate school track/best school team prize in both collegiate and open quizzes. The open quizzes will also have best college team prizes

    Do spread the word around. As we get more sponsors the money only goes up!

  • Thats great! Will be very eager to go...But will miss my favourite India Quiz...
  • Are Cross Teams from schools allowed??
  • Details the LSR quiz? And boys will be allowed to participate right? :-P
  • Any team composition within a School/UG/PG is allowed for the collegiate quizzes. The Open Quizzes allow you the leeway to get anyone in your teams.
    I thought the LSR quiz was popular but its on the morning of 11th I hear.Not sure about the details. So other than the 6 who qualify there,everyone else can easily make it to the start of our quizfest.

    Do ask all of your friends to come in as well.Its not as schools can't compete. I remember a team from DPS RK Puram winning the Sports Quiz in 2009 :-) Plus there's always the experience of a good(hopefully:-)) collegiate quizfest.

  • All quizzes start after 2 right ?
  • @nasri: What I can infer from the comment above you, is that the one at LSR starts before...
  • @Nasri-On Friday, the NSIT Quizzes start at 2.30. The LSR Quiz is at 10.30/11-scheduled start I think.So even if you go to LSR which is only for college students-you can make it to NSIT by 3-330 which means only 1 filler quiz missed.

    On Saturday and Sunday-the quizzes at NSIT start at 1030 in the morning and continue till late in the evening.

    The schedule can be seen here

    Hope that answers all queries.

  • @Roshan: But the schedule posted on the website says that the India Quiz starts at 2pm. Thats why I was seeking a confirmation. So thats cool if it starts at 2:30. Thank you. 

  • @Dhananjay:Yup on the 11th of February you have 4 quizzes.

    Quiz at LSR
    Quiz at Miranda House 
    Quiz at Kirori Mal College
    QuizFEST at NSIT. 

    Only the quiz at NSIT is open to school students, so it is possible for you people also to come and participate.
  • I know this might sound Idiotic,but do we need to carry any school proof(Read:Uniform,I Card)
  • An I-card should preferably be carried and its not at all stupid to ask about it vintage :) 
  • Just to clear up any confusion regarding the LSR quiz, it is on 11th Feb at 11 am.

    For other details visit -

    Hope to see you people there! :-)
  • Are prior registrations required. If yes then how?
  • I hate 11th February.
  • Nasri,

    We plan to get people getting seated from 2 pm onwards. But invariably Delhi quizzes tend to get delayed. So telling you the margin. But at 2.30 pm the quiz will be off and you will miss out on valuable thinking time if you turn up late.


    If you are participating/winning in the school category you will have to carry some sort of identification. Though we trust most people on their word, we'd like to check any college students whom the puberty gods haven't blessed not to take advantage of school prizes which are rightfully yours :-)

    No registrations. Just turn up and start quizzing.

    Hope all of you have been attempting some of our online quiz prelims.

    In other news, money as previously decided has gone up.

  • @Dhananjay: I think Abhaas hates 11th February like the rest of us because we have 4 quizzes on the same day and all of them are in different parts of Delhi :P :P 
  • In three corners of Delhi. And I'm almost in the center.

    I'm going to LSR and then NSIT.

    Hope to meet you guys there!
  • Thank You Roshan for your clarifications.
    P.S.-I am VintageMENON
    P.P.S-You can call me Roshan,that happens to be my name as well