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In this Discussion was shut down on 24th September 2013. Thanks to the entire community which made this journey so awesomeballs. Read more. Antarctica!
  • When I announced last month that we were opening orders for t-shirts, the price was rounded off to include a donation - which I promised I would match with an equal amount. Well, an overwhelming majority of those of you who ordered chose to donate to Wikipedia - but by the time we closed orders Wikipedia had already raised their goal amount. Faced with that situation, I decide to donate instead to the charity that got the next highest number of votes - Teach For India. TFI funds graduates who wanted to take time off after university to go teach kids in urban and rural areas, and funds the setup of schools in India. In all, we raised Rs 1500 which went to TFI's initiatives. Thanks for everyone's support on that.

    Last month, I also donated ($42) on behalf of to a charity called Gumball Capital. Gumball Capital was started by Stanford student Travis Kiefer as a way to raise money for charity around the globe in a unique way - they provide $27 and 27 gumballs to school/college children across the world to raise money in entrepreneurial ways. You can read more about Gumball Capital's recent fundraising events here (on TechCrunch).

    Gumball Capital held a fundraising event last year - a seven continents marathon, including Antarctica. And as a token of appreciation of our support, we have a shout-out for from the Land of Penguins. Wahey!

  • ^That is so awesome...
  • ^^ amazin'!
  • Faad! "Gayaan in"
  • All Hail Gyaan<dot>in !!!!!!!!!!
  • LEGEN- wait for it-DARY!

    Totally cool!! Literally and metaphorically!
  • So where next Ankur :D indian Moon mission :P  We planning on something like what Rakesh Sharma answered Indira Gandhi "Saare jahaan se accha Hindustan hamara " ; So we can have "saare FORUMS mein sabse accha HAMARA" :D :D 
  • All Hail Gyaan[do]in!

    @yash you took my line! 
  • Sorry for my blooper but it was just an extra INDIANESS feel to the statement on the occasion of Republic Day :D :P 
  • Feel video for a Republic Day release I know, I was saving this up for that. Actually, I'd even requested if the shout-out could be done near a penguin colony but apparently that isn't allowed in Antarctica due to environmental reasons I guess. Oh well.
  • Hello Everyone!

    This is Travis (the guy in the video). I'm glad to hear you all liked it and to also add a little bit I wasn't able to do the request near a penguin colony because i was way too far inland (penguins need to be right near the ocean).

    Keep up the great work and thanks for the support!


    P.S. I attached one of my favorite pictures which includes a penguin I drew... ;)
  • Thanks Travis! Lovely picture of penguins! :-)
  • haha 
    thats really nice! thanks Travis :)
  • super awesome !!!!!! taking over the world continent by continent!!!!!

  • Thanks Travis!

    I like Penguins.