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Hindu College Mecca'11 presents Quiz
  • A quiz will be conducted in MECCA'11 , the annual fest of Hindu College, on 22nd of january by the renowned quizmaster Mr. Pranab Mukherjee. There will be two rounds-Prelims and Finals. Unleash the power within you and enjoy the fun. For registration and details, please contact Nishit Agrawal +919899562690.
  • Open for school students?
  • The quiz happened today, 22 January 2011. It was organised by Qryptiq in association with IMS

    The team from NSIT won the first prize.
    The Venky team[Me and my teammate] came second.

    The prelims here. Will try to put up the finals, couldn't note it well.

    The cut offs were 9, with ties solved through questions that were a multiple of 6. We screwed up the prelim pretty bad, but qualified. Lost to the NSIT team by just a point.
     Highest were 16.
    Try it!
  • Phew! that was tough. Got 5.
    Ghantewala halwai
    McD i'm loving it slogan (I know german so that made it easier)
    Sidecar and, 
    Vatican City
    Shame i couldn't get the quiddich one.
  • Lol, its
    Facemash was the similar website, but you needed to answer the former.
  • arre yaar.. i meant the same thing ;)