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Gyaan[dot]in Official SMS Channel Now Online
  • Gyaan[dot]in SMS Channel is now online.
    Key Features:
    • Subscribe without giving your personal information. Since the gyaandotin channel is powered by google sms, you just need to give the email address and mobile number to 'google'. So we don't come to know about the number.
    • Daily Updates: You can now get a daily dose of gyaan on your mobile phone.
    • QOTDs on the go: Don't have time to go to gyaan everyday? Receive all the dry QOTDs on SMS.
    • Updates of Upcoming Events: Receive updates about the upcoming events on your mobile, so that you never miss a good quiz again.
    Ok, that is just it for now. We are discovering the wide possibilities of SMS service and want your feedback. So apart from subscribing I would request all the members of gyaan[dot]in to suggest about the new features that we can add in the gyaandotin channel.

    Subscribe our channel: Here
  • subscribed :D
  • Subscribed
  • how does one subscribe. plz help!
  • @mihir simple .. just click on the subscription link above. Give your gmail id (make one if none). if you are using the sms channels for the first time then you will be asked to give your mobile number. Give it. Confirm by clicking subscribe on the next page.
  • where is the link @virtu........
  • Because of the new TRAI rules. We Won't be able to send any more messages through this channel, I guess. So this service stands closed as of now.
  • trai rules have changed!!
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