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Binary Battles (event scheduler softwares and events request)
  • hey all

    I am from DPS Faridabad... and as you all might be knowing that DPSF is organizing their second inter school computer symposium "Binary Battles 2011" in month of April or May 2011... i have to make a schedule so can anyone suggest any software that is free and is helpful enough... you can also tell if any event you would like to see there... they will be put up into consideration..
  • Crossword , SQ & JQ !!!!! (2 teams per school at least!)

    And No limit to the number of teams per school on stage!

    Please make sure all of this happens
    Thanks a lot....

  • ^ Gaming, Web Designing, Surprise Event, Group Discussion, Programming along with the ones Yash mentioned.
    Sorry, couldn't find any scheduling software. Why not make a normal table instead? 
  • Digi Imaging and Flash too!
  • Crossword , SQ & JQ !!!!! (2 teams per school at least!)

    And No limit to the number of teams per school on stage!

    Please make sure all of this happens
    Thanks a lot....

    (Basically I agree with everything Yash has to say...)

  • Software Display
  • Try to include riddles also! They are fun to solve... Crossword is sort of that only but make more and put them in a new paper and give the title say Tease your Brain! All the best for the event....
  • maybe make the quiz open (not restricted till class 12) so that people like who will finish school can come and participate!!!!


    it will be a lot of fun!!

  • u could get some symps... schedule and modify accordng to u...
  • thanks all
    they will be taken into consideration... :) and Abhishek Gupta it would be fun bt it cnt be dne... :(...
    and please tell any software... it is very time consuming to make with table in word...
  • If you just want to avoid drawing tables, then use google calendar. However if you want something in which you enter the events and the times they take and it spits out a schedule  - then I have no idea.
  • audio editing, video editing should also be there.
    try making the table on excel.
    if you have office 2010, go to the file tab, and check out the schedule templates.
    for ofice 2007, click the office button and check out the scherdule templates.
    very efficient and easy.

    PS: try avoiding clashing quiz and group discussion events; web designing and software display event
  • Avoid Clashing Sr. Quiz and Crossword!
  • well rhead it cannot accept more than one event in 1 time... and dhananjay and anirudh i'll see to it that these evnts dnt clash... i cannot promise that they will not but i'll try.... :)
    an anirudh my excel 2007 does not shows schedules templates it tries to connect to office online but fails even the website is not opening... :( any othr way u suggest...
  • you need to download the templates from the site then.
    Ps:office 2010 is awesome, download the torrent
  • you'll surely find the stuff on microsoft publisher.
    you can even find templates on certificates and what not
  • @ali in the month of april and may? Dude! I am coming! :D
  • do remember 2 send an invite 2 the mother's international school
  • friends... due to some internal reasons Binary Battles may be in month of july... :(... but i can same participation still... can't i ???
  • ^Uhh... Missed out on words did you?
  • :P :-O.... yes i did dhananjay.. thanks for pointing out.... :-)
    i meant that i could still expect same participation in month of july also... can't i ???
  • In my school, 12th will have their Mid-Term exams... So, the participation will be almost equal... But low... And the quality will be bad... 
  • for sure man... tech enthus are always ready.
  • @dhananjay_sahai .... when will they start and end u tell me the dates and i will try best to get dates good for u too because if you have them then there would be other schools also that would have mid term exams... <:P
    @mnkvachher .... good.. and u r from which school ??
  • They ideally start as soon as the summer vacations end and go on for almost 2 weeks... Try and plan the event accordingly...
  • I'm from Amity International School, Saket.