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In this Discussion was shut down on 24th September 2013. Thanks to the entire community which made this journey so awesomeballs. Read more.
Welcome 2011. Welcome to the new [IMPORTANT: Changes to the forum]
  • You all must be wondering what happened to for the past two days - after the website was replaced with this video. You must be having many questions. This is the One Thread That Answers Them All. was previously running on a forum software called Vanilla 1.x. Unfortunately, Vanilla 1 was deprecated a few months ago, i.e., it isn't going to be supported any more. Vanilla 2, which you now see, has been rewritten from scratch on a brand-new framework called Garden. The plan was to take the website down for a few hours around midnight and have a brand new forum ready by the morning. That plan got spoilt because I lost internet connectivity for a while and spent the rest of the other trying to get that back up. Thankfully, the shift is done now, so surprise! Hope the suspense was worth it.

    Moving on, the shift to Vanilla 2 allows us to offer a LOT of new features - which I am sure will make you forget that you missed for the past two days! Here's a quick run through:

    1. WYSIWYG editing for all: One of the major complaints so far has been that 'rich text' / WYSIWYG editing worked only on Internet Explorer and Firefox. Now, joining the ranks are Chrome, Safari, and Opera - with a simplified editor that Just Works. And yes, numbered lists / bullet points work now, so no more need to do it manually!
    2. Login the way you like it: Signing up for just got easier, because you no longer need to wait for a moderator to approve your account. You can simply go ahead, fill in a few basic details, and your account is good to go. Why bother even signing up? You can now login using your Facebook, Twitter, Google, or OpenID account - without having a account!
    3. All your discussions, on the go: now automatically detects when your visiting from a mobile device, and shows you a mobile friendly version of the website. Wahey!
    4. Navigating (without a compass!): Another complaint was that it was difficult to navigate between categories, so jumping between categories has been streamlined. Furthermore, you can now 'tag' entries when posting; so say when you're posting about TCS IT Wiz, you can tag it as 'TCS' - and then everyone will be able to track down those entries easily. 'Stickies' are now called 'Announcements'.
    5. Psst, private conversations: The private messaging is far more robust now. You can go to your inbox, and start Conversations among multiple people simply by entering their forum ID. Think of it like Facebook messaging. Of course, you can still leave comments on someone's profile.
    And some known bugs...
    1. Search is currently not working. I'm looking into this.
    2. The URL structure has changed, so your bookmarks may no longer work. The new URL structure is expected to be more 'sensible' and human-readable.
    3. This is the big one. The 'wall' no longer exists as it was removed in Vanilla 2. Consequently, any content that was in wall posts isn't available now either. Don't worry, the content itself is not lost - just that Vanilla 2's setup doesn't allow wall posts to be shown. Instead, Conversations and profile comments is the new system of private messaging. Do tell me in comments if you think content in your pre-switch wall is absolutely vital. If enough people ask for it, I could setup something like with a read-only copy of our Vanilla 1 install so that you can still get wall posts. In my reckoning, this should not be that big a issue. Given the new features added, plus the continuing updates Vanilla 2 will get, this was a switch that would eventually have had to be made.
    That's not all! There are further changes coming to the forum over the next week, which I hope you guys will like. As always, if you find any bugs or have any feedback, you're welcome to leave them here! :)
  • I forgot to add this - you can now get email notifications for a wide range of forum activities. To set your preferences, go to your profile (click on your name in the menu bar right at the top), and change your preferences.
  • awesome is the only word.  :)
  • What happened to the logo et al?

    And what does the dismiss discussion do? I clicked on it by mistake... 
  • Yeha man! Ankur pls man get the gyaan[dot]in feel back!!! The green and orange super combo!!!!
  • And one more thing... The link for the newsletter subscription is gone....
  • and please get the old theme back...

  • @ankurb ... the account approval thing? I will love that to be back.
    + The gyaan[dot]in logo. That is gone.
    Other than that the whole thing is awesome. Change is always good you see :D
  • @ankurb I think you need to change your time settings. Its showing that Vidit posted his comment at 1:52pm... But its currently 1:31!!  #-O

    Err.. Its 30mins ahead.
  • Its good overall but I find that the image that I uploaded in the weekly quiz is not showing up.So, please look into this matter.Also, I miss the last comment by link.i will have to go through all the pages to go to the last comment. :(
  • I like this.

    Of course it will take time to understand the new changes, I'm a bit clueless as well.

    About the small errors and bugs, I'm sure it will resolve.

  • Ok, so our Gyaan gets new clothes! Cool...The changes are good. When the server was down the excitement to view the new look arose to a higher level and the changes are satisfactory. But that 'old' look will definitely be missed. I think we can do away with our 'old' wall posts. But yes logo with its unique tagline is one thing which should be there. :) 
  • The one thing that everyone has been telling me is that they miss the old logo and the tagline. It's not gone, guys, it'll be back. :)

    I think the problem with images is that HTML is not showing up on older posts, but they are on new posts.

    @Prem The new forum does jump to the last comment that your read.
  • Another helpful tip: If you click on the 'star' next to any discussion title, a new tab is created at the top of the forum tracking all of these 'bookmarked' discussions. So even if a discussion isn't 'announced', you easily track the ones you want to follow.
  • @Ankur: As there has been much speculation in the recent past, can we have the 'Like' button in this updated version?
  • Great work Root!
  • Yes, the 'Like' button is coming soon. :)
  • Ah,
    Hope to start 'like-notification' war. :P
  • Good work. But I'll still miss the old gyaan[dot]in.

  • 1. This thing is getting more social.
    2. I am really missing this approve the membership thing. With allowing everyone to join we pose a risk to a lot of things:
    Security for one. Since the site is popular among quizzers and a lot of others who are not quizzers allowing an open membership makes the thing vulnerable to SPAMS.
    3. The mobile thing works. Its awesome. Looking forward to get (/get it made) an iPhone App.
    4. And since, stickies are now announcements, we better keep them to Announcements. So i guess, QOTD don't arrive in announcements.
    And the faith of gyaan[dot]in weekly quiz is still unclear. Does it qualify as an announcement [which it doesn't] or does it qualify as a normal discussion, which I feel is not justified. A gyaan[dot]in weekly quiz "Should" be given some importance.
  • yea

    I for one would love to have the approval thing  for the mods.


    Otherwise OMG!! awesome!

  • @Vidit- You can 'announce' the thread just like you stickied it.

    The one thing I mind is absence of the logo, which, as Ankur says, will be back.

    So, as Rishav means,


  • @ankurb Remove this 'powered by vanilla' thing, I don't like it :P
    You can do it with CSS.. My friend removed 'yola branding' from the bottom of our website.. And it looks completely Original! ;)
  • Nah, it's fine, you can use Announcements as you used stickies. To avoid confusion, the 'Announcements' category has been renamed to 'Forum Updates'. So QOTDs and Weekly quizzes can be 'announced'.
  • Oh.. ok :-) As you say root. As you say.'
    I like this vanilla thing. Its nice. Looking to make a tech forum for my e-zine also :-D