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[UPDATED: Collection Info] Place your order for a t-shirt here!
  • Hi all!
    I know that many of you have asked me / other moderators about how you can buy tshirts on many occasions. So on popular demand, I'm opening requests for t-shirt orders. :) Whether you're a school quizzer, college quizzer, current school-quizzer-heading-to-college-next-year or generally a fan of, here's the perfect piece of memorabilia to remember and show your support for
    What will I get?

    You will get a customized official t-shirt. The front has the logo with the tagline 'the nothing official about it indian quiz forum'; the back can have a name / nickname and jersey number - like in football team t-shirts. The t-shirt colour is dark blue with white highlights around neck and sleeve. Each of these cotton t-shirts is available in one of five sizes (S/M/L/XL/XXL), and is custom-made to order.
    How much will it cost?
    One official t-shirt will cost Rs 500. The breakup of expenses is as follows:
    - Rs 470 towards cost of t-shirt + custom printing on two sides of t-shirt + tax and shipping charges of our supplier
    - Rs 30 donation towards a charitable organization, to be decided by popular vote by those who have placed an order.
    Note that does NOT profit at all from the sale of these t-shirts. We simply want to offer it at cost, since so many people have asked for it!
    How do I collect and pay for my t-shirt, once I've placed an order?
    - If you live in Delhi: I will be in Delhi from 1st January 2011 to 12th January 2011. A fixed venue and date(s) will be announced on the forum listing these details at a later date. You can collect your t-shirt in person and pay in cash.
    - If you live outside Delhi: Provide your residential address, and the order will be dispatched to you by courier for no extra charge. Payment can be made through cheque or netbanking transfer, details of which will be emailed to you once you've placed an order.
    Note that if you live in Delhi are willing to pay by cheque / netbanking and would prefer to receive via courier, you have that option too.
    How do I place my order?
    Please fill out the online order form before 31st December 2010. Any questions regarding orders can be raised in this discussion thread.
  • Why is there a Rs 30 donation to charity included in the price?
    As of now,'s operating costs (mostly limited to hosting costs) are being fully met by advertising on the website. Yes, we could keep the Rs 30 for itself - or even add a further surcharge to fund future events.
    I believe, however, that increasing the price will simply be counterproductive - most of us being students, we'd prefer to get the cheapest deal - and I don't reckon adding a surcharge will raise substantial revenues anyway.
    Having said that, I'm sure nobody will mind the slight rounding up of the Rs 470 cost price to Rs 500 and donating the balance to charity. It's a fraction of the price, and it's for a good deed.
    My suggestions for what charitable organization we should donate to are:
    - Wikipedia: As quizzers, Wikipedia has been an indispensable resource for us for many years. This is one website it that has never caved in to pressure by running advertisements. It takes millions of dollars every year to keep Wikipedia running, and this will be our small contribution to a resource that's highly useful for us.
    - Teach For India: This is a charity which funds college graduates who are ready to work full time after they graduate for at least two years to teach in under-resourced schools in India.
    - Room To Read: An international charity (with an India chapter) that funds setting up new schools and libraries; it has been doing a commendable job in the field for the past few years.
    You can suggest your own charity on the sign-up form. Depending on what most people choose, the cumulative donation amount will be given to that charity. Note that in case you want to donate more than the default Rs 30 amount, you can do so simply by adding that extra amount to your payment and telling us about it when placing the order.
    Personally, I pledge to match whatever amount is raised by the community and add it to the total to be donated. I sincerely hope that collectively we will be able to raise a considerable amount towards a good cause.
  • I'd like a collar, only then will I take it... Secondly the organisation could be Wikipedia. I am ready to donate...
  • Ankur, the order hyperlink is coming broken for me.
  • Order link has been fixed now.
    @Dhananjay: Do you mean you want a polo neck? Sorry, polo necks cost more and it isn't available in the standard dark blue colour.
  • A standard collar like those in school uniforms... I am ready to pay extra...
  • Gyaan[dot]in T-Shirts! That's nice :D
  • Ok! How the hell does one know about the form reaching you and stuff.
    Do i get a confirmation sms or e-mail
  • @Amaan: Once you've submitted the form, it should show you a confirmation message. It means the request has been recorded.
  • Eagerly waiting for the Ts now. Hope the arrive fast.
  • Put in another order form,
    Method for receiving changed to courier.
  • I'd love to know about some progress of T-Shirts, anxious to get them fast.
  • The orders will be placed together once order deadline is up. Myntra takes 4-5 days to deliver (usually sooner), so expect it around second week of January?
  • Second week of Jan? Makes sure you decide a meeting to give 'em on a weekend. Holiday's only till 10th.
  • Orders have been placed, of course. Myntra usually ships within 3 days, but I don't want to take a risk and I suggest we meet up on 12th January 2011, sometime in the evening, in Cafe Coffee Day (Outer Circle, Connaught Place). I know it's a school day, but hopefully you'll be able to make in if it's in the evening. If you can't make it, you could nominate someone else from the forum who will be attending to collect and pay on your behalf, and they you can get your tshirt from them when you meet up at a quiz. Let me know if this sounds good.
  • 12 January. outer circle. Connaught Place. Gr8 

  • I might not be able to come! Will inform somebody if can't!
  • My plaster cast comes off on 11th, thankfully.

    If I'm allowed to continue use of my leg, I'll come. :-)
  • We have a quiz that day. I think many of us will be eager to attend that.
    I will try to come if it is in the evening.

  • Yes, I've heard there's a Quizcraft quiz that day. What are the timings? If there's a clash, we could meet on 13th instead.
  • It's in the morning...
     @Yash: Post the invite here...

  • @Ankur: Are you also planning a Gyaan meet up that day? 
  • @MukundM: Oh yes, anyone who wants to come can turn up. I'm just checking whether the date is fine with everyone.
  • Ok! On the 12th we have a Quiz at Vishwa yuvak kendra, Chanakyapuri, so why dont you plan a meet up somewhere near to it, if it suits fine to everyone!
  • Well, there's Satya Niketan near to Chanakyapuri. One can come here and meet at any joint here.

    Dunno if it'll suit to everyone.