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  • Ok, I dunno whether to put it in a quiz section or not. But here it is ... DECRYPT! That's what the event is called. As the name suggests you gotta decode some text.

    Get ready with a pen, paper and your brains. I speak no more.
    1. WLN-EDE-LO!
    2. Most random in the CC world:
    4. N R I R R - U F S E I - M O C C G - B U O T H - E R R / T
    [HINT: It is so simple]
    Here's a bonus: 128-10-93-85-10-128-98-112-6-6-25-126-39-1-68-78
  • 2.
  • 5. pass key to round two
  • 3. not even an encryption standard
  • @arjun...2, 3 and 5 are correct. Also, I'll tell why the answers are written so (but when all are answered)
  • dis is a question wich was asked in the jack kilby bangalore edition 2009
    All of us would have sometime or the oder forgotten to carry our toothbrushes while travelling and we end up brushing with our hands.However we observe dat the froth and foam produced is extremely less compared to brushing with a brush. Why???? dis is a reasoning question.....SO THINK

    Another problem....I am not able to start a new discussion on dis site
  • @amaya Your Question has been shifted to a new discussion. But for later use you can always see a 'Start a New Discussion'option under the 'Quizzing Resources link.
  • Time For DECRYPT 2010 - Answers:
    1. WELL DONE! (I used the CAESARS BOX over here!)
    2. (I used ROT -1 to generate a hinting, random name)
    3. Not Even an Encryption Standard (The answer refers to ROT 13, which was used to encrypt the text).
    4. Number for is correct/right (Again, the Caesar's box)
    5. Pass Key to Round Two (Encryption used, ROT 12, but it is of no relevance now, due to the lukewarm response)

    Ok so you know What Rotation Text is, we just shift the alphabet a certain number of spaces to get the encrypted text. (Like Using ROT -1, we shift B to A, C to B, D to C, and so on...)

    There is another more powerful method used and that is CAESARS BOX. Ok what is Caesars box? You'll observe that the letters (All added up) make a perfect square i.e. the 1st Question has 9 letters. So if you arrange each group of (3 letters) one below the other, it creates a box and gives a message. This is the way Julius Caesar used to communicate and it is believed to be one of the first encryption standard.
  • Instead of having a pure cryptography thread, you could have had 'cryptic clues', instead of pure mathematical cryptography to generate interest. I'd like to see round 2 though! :)
  • hmm..round two? eh? It'll come within a week. and nice suggestion. i am going to do that in round 2