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Entries For The Newsletter
  • From now on we (newsletter editors) will be giving out special topics of our newsletter. Each of us will have our own topics and will be responsible for those topics only. Entries have to be emailed to us on our respective email IDs. The emails have to be sent as a word document only,
    attached to an email with the subject as gyaan(dot)in (topic of the quiz). The BEST question out of these quizzes and the 'Best of (month)' will be given the title of 'Question of the issue/month' and whoever has given that question will be given the oppurtunity to make a quiz for the next issue on any topic of that person's choice. This quiz WILL be published in the next issue.

    Email IDs and topics to be posted shortly

    Rules, conditions, etc. may change.
  • You can contact me i.e. Mayank on or I will be accessible from both the ids.
  • Post any queries here... And please do not reveal any question you have submitted as an entry for publication here or on any other thread. Any queries related to specific questions that have been submitted can be posted on our respective walls as a private message. This is done to ensure that no question is revealed to the members before the publication of a newsletter, and the surprise factor is maintained.
  • My topics are Political History and Aviation... Mayank's topics are IT and Science.... Looking forward to your submissions... Please help us make this newsletter a success... Please remember to write the subject in the proper format... I can be emailed at Queries welcome...
  • any suggestions for the newsletter are also welcome... feel free to post topics u would lyk to b featured in the newsletter!
  • We are from now, accepting quizzes whose topics are not mentioned here. And will make an exception provided they are worth it....
  • plz... IT should be one of d main parts, cozĀ dats my favĀ ;)
  • ^IT is already there... Why don't you make a quiz and give it to us?
  • and do make sure that you don't put it in the QOTDs. They should be different from QOTDs.
  • Dude could you guyz include a section where each of the mods put up their fav. 5 q's for da month.(Ofcourse busy mods may ignore).Also publish an add asking for charity for Wikipedia(LOLzzz).
  • About the charity thing, we'll try to include it, but it's easier said than done. We'll have to discuss it... There are issues regarding how to transfer money etc. And about the favourite 5 questions... We are doing that aren't we? The mods can give us suggestions on our walls or as email... And for everyone's notice, a newsletter is ready to be drafted except we aren't able to send it due to technical difficulties...
  • We are also accepting intellectual articles for the newsletter...
  • who the **** is this guy spamming the blog??
  • ^It's not one. There are loads. We have already banned a few.