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Official Gyaan[dot]in Wave on Google Wave
  • @arunavha dude. the big one, in the center of your wave home, with all the lists of your waves! there you'll get the wave
  • Dear All
    I just checked the google wave page of and I saw the sorry state of affairs. I believe we are complicating it too much by putting stuff on google wave. I believe a alternate method can be thought off as everybody's schedules are conflicting. I propose that all activity on the wave be stopped till we find a solution cos I dont like the idea.
  • I agree with Rishav too.
  • Even i think rishav is right, lets just keep the daily and weekly quizzes to gyaan[dot]in and maybe we can host a monthly quiz on Google Wave and yes for the time being lets just seize activity at the official wave till we sort out the issue.

    I am already posting yesterday's GK quiz (which i could not host because no one turning up), by starting a new thread on Gyaan[dot]in.
  • I agree. Let's use the Wave only for live quizzes and keep general discussions here to reduce confusion.
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  • Wow. This is truly becoming a mega thread. Glad to see so many community members joining this new initiative.
  • I am planning to host a Novels related quiz this weekend but since we still haven't sorted out the wave thing, i guess, its going to be on Gyaan[dot]in only.

    [UPDATE: Its a Novels Related Quiz, will be held tomorrow]
  • I guess, the google wave idea is getting buried here, i had an idea that it would be better if we hosted a monthly quiz on Google Wave when every one (or most of us) agreed and keep the weekly's on gyaan[dot]in. What say?
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