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New moderators and newsletter editors!
  • Hi all,
    As you know, over the past few weeks we invited for expression of interest from current members who wanted to become moderators. It was heartening to see so many people prepared to dedicate so much effort to It's time to end the suspense - the moderators have voted and after a period of voting, we agree that the following people should be made moderators...
    (Vampire style by Amrit George)
    * Arunavha Chanda
    * Vidit Bhargava
    * Abhaas Mohan
    * Utkarsha Bhardwaj
    ...and the following people as newsletter editors
    * Parth Singh
    * Dhananjay Sahay
    * Mayank Vachher
    Congratulations folks! The current moderator team extends a warm welcome them and I'm sure the rest of the community will join us in doing the same. The current moderator will be there to guide you in getting up to speed. The moderators themselves of course can work on the newsletter team too, if they want.
    Let me take this opportunity to say something to those who didn't make it - we have great respect for the enthusiasm that you've shown and actually having the courage to stand up and run for a position and run for a position. When we were voting, the things we were looking for the amount of time each candidate had devoted to consistently, but also the past achievements and the experience each candidate had. So please don't be disheartened if you didn't get selected now, because we just want you to gain more experience and be even more successful while enjoying quizzing.

    One of our members made a comment a few days ago about stagnating these days. Far from it! From the beginning of this year till now, we have seen a steady and consistent growth in's traffic, in no small measure because of extensive and rich collection of knowledge about quizzing and quiz competitions that the community has contributed.
    If you ever feel that you don't find enough new content on the site, then you must ask yourself the question as to why you personally are not contributing to the mix. We have hundreds of members right now, and is what it is because of everyone's efforts - not because of any single person or group of people. is what you make it to be, so make it good.
    My advice to the new moderators will be to always try to set an example for others to follow. Ever action you take and every word you say means something unique now, so think about everything twice before doing or saying it. I'm sure you're all responsible people. Make proactive efforts to find information about upcoming events, and make proactive efforts to create content, upload archives, et al - because you are some of the community's most experienced and dedicated members.
    Once again, commiserations to those who didn't make it and I hope you interpret this as something you can improve yourself from.
    I wish the new moderators all the best with your endeavours!
  • I would also like to thank Amrit George for playing the drums while I was typing this post. He said he wanted to a drumroll when the announcement was made.
  • Congratulations to the new team !!
    Best of Luck  and spread the "Gyaan" :)
  • Congrats guys! Peace.
  • Good Luck guys.
  • Woah, was I even in the contention for being a mod??
    Surprise it is.
    EDIT:Oh, and something's wrong with Amrit.
    Very wrong.
  • This world will never accept Vampires. Damn!
  • haha :D awesome feeling this :) congrats to Abhas and the other new moderators :D we did it !!
  • @amrit: dont get disheartened keep going with your efforts :P
    you never know when vampires might be actually accepted :D
  • @Amrit: Well played, my boy :P
  • @utkarsha We will. We are on a converting spree anyways. My first 2 victims are Aknar and Abhaas. :D Also,Shreyans ji Dhanyawaad! :P
  • Never.
    Even though I am an insomniac, the vampire can't get to me.
    This is why.
  • Congrats to all the new moderators :)

    Yo Utkarsha and Abhaas!
  • Apologies to Dhananjay for getting his name wrong!
  • Woah!
    Thanks a lot! It's a great honour for me!
  • congratulations to all the new mods and newsletter editors from my side!!!
  • yahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  • congrats to all the new moderators..
    not to forget the new newsletter's editors too..
    guys cum up wid some thing rocking on!!
  • Thank you Shubham! Let's get started!
  • bahut hogayi masti some gr8 stuff nd take dis site up!!!!!!!
  • Congrats to Dhananjay and Mayank on being elected as moderators
  • Thnx Roshan!
  • We are NOT moderators, we have moderator privileges to promote the newsletter! That's it!
  • I want be Website Css editor , I can style the website with some border- radius and opacity :))
  • ^You're spamming as well? :-S
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