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Calling for new moderators and newsletter editors
  • Hi guys,
    I was thinking that we should expand the list of moderators on the site, since many of the ones who were there last year have moved on to college - and more importantly, many of them abroad / out of Delhi. So I think it's been difficult for many people to stay in the loop because of timezone differences and other commitments of university life. We'll all of course still be around and contribute whenever we can, but then it would be nice to have more people who are hands-on.
    So in case you are confident enough that you can devote time to become a moderator, tell us why by leaving a comment here. This is not about getting a position of power, but about whether you can actually take time out and contribute to managing the community.
    Some of you might be wondering what happened to our newsletter. The simple fact is that we need contributors and editors; till now, these functions were mostly being done by the current moderator team but many of us have been busy because our college session has just started and that usually brings with it extra work, time to settle in etc. I can personally say it's been difficult to find time to sit down and edit compilations. So if you're interested and willing to compile monthly archives, then step up and leave a comment here.
    If you've any questions or queries about taking on these roles - again, leave a comment here. Also, just to clarify you don't necessarily need to be a school/college student or be based out of Delhi. Anyone and everyone who is willing to work and is competent can take on the roles.
  • hey ankur......dis is nikhil frm dps vk who askd u for his gyaan t shirt durin code wars :P
    Though i am new to gyaan.....been just a few months.....but have really lykd dis site......quite interesting concept......all quizers coming together.....forming a family, exchanging information abt quizzes and archives......

    Congrats for d success of the site....

    Well i wud lyk to try for d moderator.......
    1. Have been attending a few quizzes in d past few months of business and economics which i guess lacks here.....wat we find here is basically computer quizzes nd ol....
    2. Just organised an inter school business-Economics quiz in ARTSHASTRA(i guess ur aware wat it is) in the form of Lotto(tambola).
    3. Going to organize another quiz competition in CONFEST in October.
    4. Enthusiastic about ol d quizzing events and ol.
    5. Don't know y i am writing this pt bt i am very close as in in geographical terms with key members like Vivek and Prateek(abt whom i gt to knw recently only)

    Btw hws it in NUS?
  • @ Ankur
    Consider me as well.
    Thanks. :)
  • Hello Ankur..
    I am Rishabh Jain from Sunbeam School Lahartara Varanasi....I am in Class Xth presently....and i have lots of interest in quizzing and love doing quiz blogging....the matter of fact is that ki i am new to but i can assure you that i will be up and above in catching up all the time for helping the site and moderating it well....
    and i will also make sure that the GYANNIZ are not deprieved of any quiz taking place and updates within my reach......
    Please consider me for this post ...Thank you..

  • @ankurb - Hi Ankur,I am a class IX student from New Era Public School.It's been long I have joined this fabulous quizzing forum and have made significant contribution to this website.It is one of a kind of quizzing forum where the spirit of quizzing is maintained and students from various parts of the country come toghther to share knowledge even though they do not know each other personally.It is indeed a ray of light amidst the cut throat competition that prevails between the students.I hereby want to nominate my name for the post of moderator, think I would be able to contribute and manage this wonderful forum as for me quizzing is not just winning prizes or getting fame but a way of life.Quizzing really changes your attitude towards society and yourself.It helps you to acknowledge defeat and gives you the strength to fight back with double power.I am really thankful to all the members of for devoting there precious time to this forum and especially ankur for bringing all the great quizzers to a single platform.
    Thanking You
  • It seems a really novel idea to bring more members into the moderators brigade.As a request,I would personally like atleast one or two moderators to be from 9 because it shall help in gyaan establishing a bridge between young quizzers and the experienced brigade of quizzers from across the country.Being a 9thie myself I have seen that we are able to interact with Juniors on larger scale.also I suggest that few moderates be picked from 12th since they have to prepare for thier boards.Though gyaan has achieved many milestones, I would say that it's biggest achievement is that it has instilled the spirit of quizzing amongst non-quizzers.As for a moderator,he or she should be able to generate a positive response to the forum and quizzing as a whole in the outside world.By nominating myself to the post of a moderator,I feel that I could bring out the best in me,encourage others to quiz,prepare more archives and become a better quizzer and make others better quizzers.
    In case of newsletters,I would like to highlight the absence of audios and visuals in the previous one and I personally would like to send a questionairre that I prepared for the quiz
    It is and always will be a pleasure to be associated with this site
    K.S.Roshan Menon
    (Honoured to be a)Member
  • Hi Ankur.. a superb idea and i think it will definitely help!
    good luck..!
  • I think it will be a very good idea to have mods from classes like 9th and 10th. We have some brilliant young brigade here. Its time to pass on the mantle.
    I'd have nominated myself, but as you mentioned it, college commitments make it tough to contribute many questions. We have a week of free time, and then 3-4 days of dead hectic time. Very irregular.
    Consider if you don't get much options, but seeing the enthusiasm here, it won't be an issue me thinks. :-)
  • A very nice idea Ankur. I would definitely like to work on the newsletter!!! So count me in!
  • I'm all up for the newsletter. I've got Some really good ideas too. Count me in for moderating also. :)
  • Oh, and moderating can get me  closer to those awesome personalized Gyaan[dot]in shirts.
  • @abhaas - Same Here :P
  • count me in.
  • hey ankur
    utkarsha this side
    well i would like to take this opportunity to become one of the moderators.
  • For all those who have applied here - are you guys confident that you can take time out from your other commitments and devote time to the site? This involves not only managing the community on the forum, but also actively taking the initiative in finding out about upcoming events and in conducting offline events.
  • Realy, I am very confident about devoting 'time' to the site. I am already running a three-year old E-Zine service My E-Zine and a blog (that's quite active), so I am certain, about adding another to the list, and managing between the three :) .

    Organizing offline and online events should be fine too.

    P.S.:I hope I am not boasting about my websites.
  • Aknar man-let's vote!
  • @ankurb: yes i am absoloutely sure dat i will be able to devote good enough reqd time to
  • Quizzing is not a thing for which I "specially" devote time to it,it is an utmost important topic and for me academics and quizzing holds equal value,I study for a quiz as I study for my final term examinations.
  • After being a member for a year and lurking around I would definitely wanna join the newsletter team{i have work experience;]}and about time half an hour a day would be enough?
  • @Parth: Newsletter is more of a seasonal job, towards the end of the month. It'll only take a few hours towards the end of each month - no more. So if you're interested and can stick to working on the newsletter that would be brilliant.
    Current moderators will vote soon on all the entries we've received.
  • I would also like to vote in to be nominated as a moderator. I can devote a lot of time to managing things around gyaan[dot]in. Although my activity on gyaan has been sporadic, But I sincerely plan to be regular after terminals.

    I can assure you to be of good worth, if Im told what exactly i need to do :)
  • @ankur - I'm ready to devote time for gyaan[dot]in as quizzing is part of my life. I would surely like to work on the newsletter and its design+contents.
  • @ankurb-My class and parental support permit me too devote equal time towards quizzing and studies.That's the only reason I have regularly been able to devote my time towards and quizzing.So as far as I am concerned about being regular,it is one's personal decision and my decision is definately positive.
  • You might need a short Chelsea supporting moderator ;-)
  • Mod or not, expect college quizzes updates and archives from me. :p