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Informal meetup on 19th July
  • There's a meetup happening on 19th July 2010 (tomorrow) in Delhi, so if you're around you can drop by and meet other members. We're meeting at Costa Coffee in Connaught Place at 4.30pm. (This is in the Outer Circle, L-Block. Further details here.)
    The purpose of the meetup is to catch up with people you may know online on (or otherwise) before this year's batch of school quizzers heads off for college, before quizzing season begins, etc. It's (almost)'s first anniversary of existence too! In case you're interested in becoming a moderator, you can have a chat with the current moderators about it too.
  • Oh no, couldnt see the post earlier. Missed it..How was it?Really sorry. BTW Happy 1st BDay to! Kudos to its founders! Its a Gyaan revolution!!!!!!!!
  • Some of the moderators met up and we had a general chat about colleges, life, random stuff. A lot of discussion about upcoming and past quizzes, involving more people in etc. And thanks, on the first anniversary of it's so encouraging to know the amount of support we have from the community. :)