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RAMJAS Quizzing Trials
  • Went for Ramjas Quizzing Trails today , Set of 50 subjective questions ....Some Sitters , Some Tough....On the Whole...A Really Good paper . Posting the ones which I remember :)
    1. Who was the 1st agricultural Minister of Independent India ? DR. RAJENDRA PRASAD ( He managed the Food and Agricultural Dept too )
    2. In which year was Warsaw Pact signed ? 1955
    3. To which instrument is Ustad Amjad Ali Khan associated ?  SAROD
    4. In which Indian city on 20 April 1888 , around 250 were killed as a result of Hailstorms , some of them as big as Cricket balls ? MORADABAD
    5. Capital gate Tower has recently entered into Guiness Book of World Records for " World's Furthest Leaning Tower " beating the record of Leaning Tower of Pisa . In which Country it is situated ? UAE
    6. Who was the 1st Indian to Join Indian Civil Services ? SATYENDRANATH TAGORE
    7. In which year was Delhi University established ? 1922
    8. Which is the year goin on as per Saka Era , equivalent to 2010 of Georgian calendar ? 2067
    9. Name the 1st Indian to get Nobel Peace Prize .MOTHER TERESA
    10. According to which calendar , the World will end in 2012 ? MAYAN
  • 11. Which Aerospace Major was started on July 15 , 1916 as " Pacific Aero Products Co. " ? BOEING
    12. Who has the record of getting maximum no. of Oscar nominations - 16 of dem ? MERYL STREEP
    13. Contrary to films , Name the Official car of James Bond in the Ian Fleming's Novels . BENTLEY
    14. How many countries are part of Commonwealth ? 54
    15. Ruth Handler is famous in World for creating what ? BARBIE
  • 16. If India celebrates Deepawali , which country celebrates Festival of Lanterns ? CHINA
    17. This game was earlier called as Lexico , then changed to Criss Cross and finally got its present name , invented by an US architect . Which one ? SCRABBLE
    18. How many Olympic Golds Indian Hockey Team has won ? EIGHT
    19. Whose record did Michael Schumacher beat when he won his 6th title in F1 ? JUAN MANUEL FANGIO
    20 . In which Indian state is Naina Devi Temple found ? HIMACHAL PRADESH
  • 10) Mayan.
    12) There's this guy called John Williams, but he has 45 nominations.
    14) 70-72?
  • 2. around 1950

    3. Sarod

    5. UAE(Abu Dhabi)

    6. Satendranath Tagore

    9. Rabindranath Tagore

    11. Boeing

    13. the company is Bentley

    14. 72


    18. 8
  • 20.Himachal Pradesh
    13.Aston Martin
  • 15.barbie
    19.juan manguel fangio
    17. scrabbles
    1.i wonder if there was any agricultural minister in da first cabinet..should in the late 60s or 70s..!
  • @Aman-I was also supposed to come for the trials but gave it a miss........No du for me....
    Waise,how many ppl came for the trials(how many gyaaniz??) and what should be the cutoff??You got selected??(List should be out by now....)
    2. 1960...
    3. Sarod
    5. UAE.....nice ques...the buiding's quite attractive...
    6. Debendranath Tagore(RT's father if i am not wrong)
    7. 1924.....(saw it on the entrance of faculty of law when i went to give my CLAT exam....)
    9. Rabindranath Tagore
    10. Mayan
    11. Boeing ...(pure many aerospace majors are there,as it is.....either this or Airbus...i go with B)
    12. Meryl Streep,man easiest ques. for an oscar buff(the ques should be max. for an actor.....coz otherwise as crystal pointed out John Williams has 45 and Walt Disney has 60 nominations)
    14.  56,most probably coz thats the no. of countries the british empire had ruled(KBC 2,anyone...) but i am not sure if US is a part of commonwealth or not coz they dont participate in the 55 or 56
    15. Barbie
    16. China
    18. 8....
    19. Alain Prost or Ayrton Senna.....
  • @Shashank - Only 6 guys came for the Trials ...Rishav and me were dere frm Gyaan , Result is 2morrow - will hv to go dere and chek it . I had just gone for pure fun and experience :)
  • The Oscar question should be scrapped.By not mentioning the gender-you're inviting multiple correct answers.
  • The gender was there in the main questions.. This is just a compilation from memory :)