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First newsletter has been dispatched!
  • The very first newsletter has been sent out and (for those who have joined our mailing list) should be arriving in your inbox shortly. You can view the newsletter online too. As always, feedback is appreciated! :)
    Did you haven't signed up for our newsletter yet? Now you can, and it's free to join!
  • I like the basic design of the newsletter, the color scheme too goes well with the theme.
    The archive is well compiled and also provides links to Wiki articles for additional reading. Also it's not too long and a collection of 30 questions is just perfect.
    I had already gone through Amrit's write-up. Ankur's article was very apt keeping in view the upcoming quizzers. Though I skipped Aditya's Tech Quiz to save myself from any embarrassment, the newsletter seems perfect overall.
    One thing I'd like to point out is that being a monthly issue, the newsletter seems a little short on content. Also you might want to add a few more images here and there to make it look a bit more catchy and visually appealing.
  • Thanks Shreyans! Will definitely try to include more images in the next newsletter.
  • For a beginning,its good.
    Though would like more content,visuals are good enough though.
    @Shreyans-Hi5!,skipped the tech part completely!
  • :( at skipping the tech quiz.
    But thanks for including my tech quiz!
  • @crystalunicorn
    excellent tech quiz
    may i also suggest that we have 2 newsletters per month because i feel that the content for one entire month's read is too little and i think that having it two times a month will be suffiicient to satisfy the quizzing appetite!!
  • How about members writing for the newsletter and not just moderators? This would make it much easier, as Abhishek suggests, to put out a newsletter every fortnight.
    But the newsletter should essentially remain only as an add-on to the site. Discussions on itself should be our main focus. The newsletter should be more useful for people who are not regular visitors and might want to look at only the best out of the numerous questions put up.
  • @Crystal-Tech bowls most of us over and out,
    Its too good for me, :P
  • Agree completely with Abhaas!
  • We have an open invitation in the newsletter for people who want to write for it. I'd be quite happy to see people pitch in! Just drop me a message on my wall. The clubbing May/June into one newsletter was an anomaly, we don't hope to have the same in the future.
  • Sport questions bowl me over!
  • What is the procedure for writing in the newsletter? Detailed One Please.... BTW We can put a limit to the no. of question by each member per newsletter... This way discussions on the site will remain active as well as on the newsletter...
  • @Dhananjay - Just mail your contributions to Ankur. Simple.
  • @ Ankur : just 30 questions will do??
  • @Dhananjay: By a limit on the number of questions per member in the newsletter, do you mean restricting the number of question in the 'best of' section per member? I think it'll be hard to implement. As you know, the number of contributors who actively contribute questions is a select few (though the number of people answering, and in general just reading / browsing content is much higher). So the decision of what to put in 'best of' is left for whoever is compiling that month (one of the moderators). The idea is that with the newsletter now, hopefully more people will contribute - either as a one-off contribution in content or post good questions in QOTDs.
    Contributing is easy. Just email us - the email address is given in the newsletter. If you've any specific queries you can post here, any moderator's wall, or email that address.
    @Sanchita: Ideally, if you want to a do a long 30-question quiz to be included as a separate article of its own, ask one of the moderators first (or in this thread).
  • PS - We won't say no to any content. Telling the moderators just gives us an idea as to how much content we have ready, how much more needs to be written, who needs to edit what, etc.
  • The next newsletter is scheduled to be dispatched on 20th July 2010. In case you want to contribute any articles to it, please send them in latest by noon on 19th July 2010. You know the email address, it's given in the first newsletter.