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  • Hey everyone out there!
    We were thinking of launching some merchandise based on For starters and considering the weather, we plan to launch tshirts. So we plan to ask our members and see what they say about it.
    These are the details.
    color-any color( on popular choice,to be decided during order)
    size-Free Size most probably or at the most 2 sizes.
    Price-Anything B/w 175 and 250 INR.
    So guys please decide on this and see if you want one,We'll place an order accordingly only if its a big one. :)
    And yes we'll put up some designs out of which you can choose.
  • I'm game ... I had an suggestion ... along with the designs ... can we have our names on it ... and custom sizes ... NOT the same fit ol size ...
  • I'm in too!
    And Jhashank suggestions sounds nice,
    at least for the members
  • Dude,the thing is when tshirts are customized,they will definately cost more,So if people are willing fine.
  • Yeh! I know.
    But the regular sizes like 36-44 won't cost much.
    I hope that most of the members will be willing.
  • We need more people to respond before even thinking about placing an order.
  • That is Correct.
  • Custom sizes should be possible to arrange - unless you wear something incredibly tiny or incredibly large.
  • Size is not an issue...I think most customizable shirts will come in sizes S through XXL or something. The problem would be where to lay our hands on them. I know does customised shirts, but they're expensive (starting at Rs. 400), even though the quality is very good. Even if a bulk order did bring the prices down, they'll still be shipped from Bangalore, which doesn't make any sense. I dunno about any good people for customised shirts in Delhi. Moreover, as Amrit pointed out, its pointless if not everybody wants one.
  • I would buy a few... 2 or 3. Don't you think this would also make this website very popular.
  • Which is good!
  • hey
    i would definitely buy one if we could have them styled like football shirts with numbers and names and of course written in place of where they write the name of the team.
    so i am all game if we can work on these lines
  • More the editing,more the cost is gonna rise.
    I think two sizes would be fine,simple L and XL,I don't mind my shirts a bit airy.
    Just the gyaan logo and name should do fine[name that of the members]
    I would buy a couple at least.
    T-shirts in summer,perfect.
    If the popularity increases,we can come up with sweatshirts in winter,on the lines of those we organise in many schools in 12th here.
  • @Rishav: Won't adding a name to the t-shirt cost more, since each one needs to be customized?
  • even i won't mind buying a couple but do check on the quality of pure cotton would be perfect for this weather.......
  • Lets reach a conclusion fast. 6 days left!
  • @ankur
  • My size is 38 or 40. If you are not getting that size then, count me out!
  • umm
    40 is large,we'll def have large.
  • OK... Then...
  • I think that this conclusion cud be fine...

    Two colours - White and Black (maybe blue or red)... printed on all of them(Obviously)...
    Sizes- Medium(20), Large(45), Extra Large(10)...
    Names printed on Pre-order, Otherwise one should suffice with 'QUIZZER'...
    Maybe some small print design on them...

    Fabric- Cotton or Nylon (Nylon is really good if you want to hide sweat)
    I'll come up with a tentative cost soon. Please tell if anyone has some corporate links regarding T-shirt printing.
  • I'd like black... I would also like my name... But, I would only buy it if the T-Shirts are WITH COLLAR
  • To make it clear, we're talking about a bulk order of 100-200 t-shirts here. Do you folks think enough of you will want to buy this? (If you're rarely comment and just browse through the forum instead, do leave a comment about what you think at least on this one!)
  • Well, people who usually do not actively participate in the discussions are even less likely to comment on this one.
  • Colour - Black/White.

    Size - XL (obviously!).

    I am fine with any other adjustments.

    And I am sure that amaan,akhilesh,farhan,kirtipal,siddharth sabharwal will buy a shirt ot two.

    @ankur - Shreyans is right. I think placing it under quizzing resources in the left column might help.

    You could also try mailing every member. I know this is tedious but you can notify them of the quiz too. Also, you will have a contact list which will make the task easier next time around.
  • @ankur
    Please note.
    I like the idea.