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  • Here are some questions from the Quiz Show KBC Season 3 hosted by Shahrukh Khan . Without Options ofcourse and format of some questions is also changed .
    Note ---- If u like this set , I shall continue this thread .
    1. After whom is the tranining centre at Mussorrie for successful candidates of Central Civil Services Exam named ? -------LAL BAHADUR SHASTRI
    2. Which was the first country in the world to put a complete ban on tobacco sales ?---BHUTAN
    3. Which Indian traditional craft means " to embroider in Gold " ?-----ZARDOZI
    4. Name the four Flags which were raised by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay on Mt. Everest in 1953 . ----- INDIA , GREAT BRITAIN , NEPAL AND UNITED NATIONS FLAGS . HILLARY FORGOT TO CARRY NEW ZEALAND FLAG
    5. What connects these places --- Tasmania , America and Bolivia ? ---- ALL ARE NAMED AFTER REAL PERSONS
    6. Who won the 1999 Screen Award as Best Lyricist in Non Film Music Category for album Nayi Dishaa ? ------ EX- PM ATAL BIHARI VAJPAYEE
    7. Which firm was called Racal Telecom when created in 1982 ? ---- VODAFONE
    8. What geometrical figure is the raised identification mark for visually impaired people on Rs. 50 notes issued by RBI ? ----- SQUARE ( TRIANGLE is on Rs. 100 Notes  and CIRCLE  on Rs. 500 Notes )
    9. Which disease is named after Sinhalese word for " Weakness " ? ----- BERIBERI
    10. Druk Air is national airlines of Bhutan . What does "Druk" mean ?----- DRAGON
  • 3. Zari

    4. New Zealand , Great Britain , Nepal , India

    5. Named after people ??? - Amerigo Vespucci , Simon Bolivar , Abel Tasman .

    7. Vodafone

    8. a Triangle

    9. Kala Azar ??

    10. Dragon ??
  • My tries:
    1. Lal Bahadur Shastri (Hope to be there one day! :-)
    3. Just a guess - Is it Phulkari?
    4. Newzealand, Nepal, India and Great Britain
    7. Vodafone
    8. Triangle
    9. Beriberi
    10. Its Druk Air! Looks like a typo. Means Dragon I think.
  • 3.zari zeland,nepal,india and didnt knew d 3rd 1:(
  • 1. Lal Bahadur Shastri
    3. zari(brocade)
    8. Rectangle?

    Please do continue the set of questions.
  • hi aman wadhwa this is himanshu manchanda operating from neelesh's account
  • Thanx Guys for replies , will be posting the answers by tomorrow and den Next Set the next day . Have 330 Questions from Season 3 :)
    Only Mukund wants the next set I guess :D
    @Prateek ---- Thanx for Druk . I had made that error in my archive too :)
  • Hey Aman, we all want the next set.
    I have all the Questions from Seasons 1 and 2 in my diaries. And I am not sure about Season 3 will have to check. I dont think I missed many episodes of KBC. I was a big fan when I was young....
  • Prateek , Me too . But started writing questions from Season 3 itself . Nobody would miss KBC episodes if he is here on Gyaan :)
  • Good Quizzing questions usually used to come after 3 Lakh 20 Thousand in Seasons 1 and 2 and 6 Lakh 40 Thousand in Season 3..... :-) Hope to post the good ones here someday.
  • What a wonderful thread! Keep it up!
  • Thanx Crystal  .
    1. Who reminded Hanuman of his Powers in the Epic Ramayana ? ---- JAMBAVANT
    2. Who has been designated as " Chief Host " at Disneyland since 1955 ? ----- MICKEY MOUSE
    3. How many overs did Anil Kumble bowl maiden when he took 10 wickets at Delhi ? ---- NINE
    4. Which fabric is named after the city which is now known as Kozhikode in Kerala ?---- CALICO
    5. On whose life is 8th Century play " MahaViracharita " by Bhavabhuti based ?----- LORD RAMA
    6. Which Persian Master of Sufi Ghazals bore a name meaning " One who has learnt the Quran by Heart " ?------ HAFIZ
    7. What was Eugene Cernan the last man to do ? ------ WALK ON MOON
    8. What connects Rakhi Gulzar , Aurobindo Ghosh and Napoleon Bonaparte ? ---- ALL SHARE THEIR BIRTHDAY WITH INDIAN INDEPENDENCE DAY
    9. Which famous philosopher's name means " Great " in Arabic ? ----- KABIR
    10. Which Gas is used for wielding and cutting metal ? ----- ACETYLENE
    I think this Set is quite simpler than the first one .
  • 1.Jamvanta or something right?
    2. Mickey Mouse
    7. Walk on the moon
    10. Ethyne.
  • 3. Nine maiden overs
    6.Amir Khusrau?
  • Answering the ones that haven't been answered correctly yet.
    1. Jambavan, the bear
    4. Calico (named after Calicut)
    6. Hafiz
    10. Ethyne, as Rhead says, but this is the IUPAC name and not usually used in the industry. The older name acetylne is used instead.
  • 1..jaamvanta{..dat who ws a black bear??..right?}
    7..last man 2 walk on d moon it dat all hv been born on 15th august????????//???...
    9..albert einstein or newton???
    10..ethyne or acetylene...dis ws a textbook question in 10th class science ncert....
    @aman..awsum stuff bro..
  • 9.Kabir....?
  • 6. Hafiz????
  • 7. Last man on moon.
  • 9. Akbar? Considering his philosophy in Din-e-Elahi.
  • SET 3
    1. Which North Indian district received its name because it was reportedly the Guru Dakshina offered by Yudhishtra to Dronacharya ? GURGAON ( GURU KA GAON )
    2. Which Indipop star's first name was Sujata ? ALISHA CHINOY
    3. Which is India's First and fully Electric car ? REVA
    4. Which prefix was officially dropped from the name of Indian navy on 26 January 1950 ? ROYAL
    5. Which country uses the same time zone as India ? SRI LANKA
    6. Which Mughal past-time was called "Ishq Baazi " ? PIGEON FLYING
    7. Which plant according to Devi Bhagwata sprang from tears of Lord Shiva ? RUDRAKSHA ( RUDRA - SHIVA , AKSHA - TEARS )
    8. In what language did babur write his memoirs Baburnama ? TURKISH
    9. What was first reported in India in Maharashtra's Nandurbar disrtict in February 2006 ? BIRD FLU
    10. Which flower blossoms once only in the 12 years in Nilgiris ? KURINJI
  • @All
    Thanx Guys for ur Replies and l hope to make this a successful thread . :)