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Entrance Exam for Quiz Society DPS NOIDA
  • Q-1 Monrovia is a city in Africa, in refference to the USA, why is it unique?
    Q-2 Connect- Superior, Michigan, Ontario, Hurton and Erie.
    Q-3 In the X-Men comics, what is the name of the metal that make Wolverine's claws?
    Q-4 Who is the only president of the USA to have served 3 terms?
    Q-5 This famous revolutionary used his nickname to sign currency notes. The name he used shows his disgust for money. Name him.
    Q-6 Connect- Adaptation of the Indian Constitution and Terrorist Attacks on Mumbai
    Q-7 What is the codename of the operation of the Home Ministry against naxalites?
    Q-8 Who Said "All I can say is that, I am not a marxist"?
    Q-9 Apart from the Vatican, which is the only country to be sorrounded by one country on all it's sides?
    Q-10 Who made the first telephone call to the moon?
    Q-11 Which party gave the least amount of president's of the USA?
    Q-12 This country was formed out of a UN resolution. It "officially" became independant on 15th May 1948. Name the country?
    Q-13 Stan Lee : Spiderman :: ___________ : Batman. Fill in the blank
    Q-14 Since 1948 till 2010 it has been Australia and Germany, 3 times in the favour of Germany while once in the favour of Australia. What am I talking about?
    Q-15 Winston Churchill in his address to the Westminister College said "From Settin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic an ___________ has  descended upon the continent". Fill in the blank.
    Q-16 Connect - Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, George Lazenby and Sean Connery
    Q-17 Ezio Auditore Vs Rodrigo Borgia. What am I talking about?
    Q-18 What is India's greatest contribution to IT?
    Q-19 Tito, Nasser and Nehru co-founded what?
    1. Only non-US capital to be named after a US president. (in this case James Monroe)
    2. Great Lakes
    3. Admentium
    4. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
    5. Che Guevera
    6. 26th November
    7. Green Hunt
    8. Karl Marx
    9. Lesotho and San Marino (We didn't know this before)
    10. Richard Nixon
    11. Federalist
    12. Israel
    13. Bob Kane
    14. Hockey World Cup Final
    15. Iron Curtain
    16. James Bond
    17. Assassin's Creed 2
    18. Zero
    19. NAM
    Made by : Dhananjay, Gautam and Aditya!
  • 1. Was it named after that US President?
    2. 5 great lakes
    5. 26
    9. lesotho?
    16.james bond
    19. NAM
  • 6th is definitely 26/11. In a hurry right now, will try to attempt others later.
  • 1. ?? What Amrit said sounds right.
    2. They're all lakes
    3. Technically, his claws are made of bone - his entire skeleton has been admantium coated.
    4. FDR... Not sure though
    10. Nixon
    11. The boston tea party- since its only been formed like 3 years ago.
    12. Israel - and it was on the 14
    13. Something - Kane
    15. Iron Curtain
    16. They're all bonds.
    I guess I'd never make it to the DPS noida quiz club.
  • 2.5 Great lakes
    12. Bangladesh
    14. Mens Hockey World Cup
    18. Are u talking about Vinod Dham ?
    19. NAM
  • @Rhead: You would, the cut off is only 2.5... :-)
  • 2. USA's great lakes
    3. adamantium
    6. 26 november
    12. bangladesh
    13. bob kane
    14. hockey world cup (mens)
    15. yep, iron curtains.
    16. james bond
    18. the number 0
    19. non aligned movt. (NAM)

    dude, aint this a 'bit' tough for a qualification test? :P
  • is israel..nd it was on 14th april{..15th april was initially decided bt later on dey came 2 knw dat 15th april was a saturday and according to israel's law,no minister is allowed 2 hold a pen on benjamin hurion..d first president signed d documnet one day b4...} is lesotho and guys evn san marino is another such country...
    12..its bob kane..
    14..BDO men's hockey world cup
    15..iron curtain..(best question
    18..r u talking abt dat pranav mistry's sixth sense technique??
    19..ofcourse non aligned movement...
    nyways..awesome questions
  • Q1 Named after James monroe,,president of usa
    Q2 5 great lakes
    Q3 Adamantium
    Q4 Franklin Roosevelt
    Q6 November 26th (26/11)
    Q7 Lalgarh?
    Q8 Karl Marx
    Q9 San Marino and Lesotho
    Q10 Richard Nixon
    Q13 Bob Kane
    Q16 James Bond
    Q18 '0' (zero)
    Q19 Non Alignment Movement
  • and this was for 9thies and 10thies only :P
  • 17)Assasins Creed 2 Final Mission
  • If this was for 9thies, then 2.5 isn't a bad average/
  • yeah i guess...
    but i would have liked it to be 6 or 7...
    When I was in 9th we had a tougher paper and I had like 7.
    and the Cut-off was 6
  • The mode score in most intras tends to be 0-1, median around 2-3. I never used average when considering cutoffs because it's a statistics which doesn't really tell you much. Most of the time, you'll find a clear drop in the points, and that's where I set the cutoff in DPS VK intras.
  • But whats the point having such difficult papers for entrances? At QRIOSITY, we made high-scoring papers, so that we could test various aspects, and even students were encouraged. Low scores can sometimes defeat the purpose, especially when they are young and new to Quizzing. Thus, we gave like 40-50 (42 I think) Questions, and scores above 25 were picked. Those who did not get selected - we told them so, and they could re-appear in the subsequent Intras....
  • Scores above 25 - Meaning, that was the cut-off, not pre-determined!
  • Dont mind But I personally find the idea of the Intras to be a bit weird as in how can one paper decide someone's aptitude for quizzing and secondly this particular intra cannot test a kids aptitude regarding
    2)Indian heritage
    5)Art and Music
    I guess we should let in all the students who are interested in quizzing into quiz clubs and then at least let them get a hang of what quizzing involves and test them later on.
  • The point that I was trying to make is that at least in DPS VK a lot of people turn up just to bunk classes, so have no intention of solving the paper. In that sort of situation, I wanted to point out that use average is not the best thing to do since it needlessly drags down the cutoff score. Mode / median don't help either. So it's best to use your judgement and see from which point onwards (usally a few points close to median) do a lot of people start getting the same score. That can be cutoff.
    For intras, we usually kept questions that had already been asked in previous inter-school quizzes and chose some of the easier ones from them. That way, we were testing how they performed in actual (simplest) inter-school questions. Within that, we relax entry criteria if someone does especially well in one topic.
    Once the members to induct were chosen, they were given a questionnaire about their topics of interest, how involved they wanted to be with the quiz club, etc. This, and data from intra quiz was used to create an individual file on each and every new member to note their strengths and weakness and ways of working in a quiz. For instance, many wrote down their thought process as they were trying to work out answers, and this was noted for that member's file.
    Once an intra is done, we didn't leave it there. We had weekly meetings with a rota of who would ask questions (experience in setting questions makes better quizzers) and another intra within the quiz club to keep everyone well-practised.
  • There's been a discussion on setting up a quiz club earlier on which might be useful too.
  • Or better else,have as many entrances for different least 6-7 written can be done.
    Then,take students scoring above the cut off,and also make teams of children who are good in specific field,for the quizzes those are topic specific-like HIQ and TCS.
  • Most schools still only have "Unofficial" Quiz Clubs. I wish Quiz Clubs were mandatory in all schools and the administration help the kids in every way possible. Wishful thinking I suppose.
  • There's some advice on how to get started with a quiz club in the previous thread.
    We usually held tech quizzing intras under Code Warriors banner (the computer club) rather than the quizzing club since tech quizzing and general quizzing are significantly very different in style and not just content. For many schools which don't have two clubs, it does make sense though to roll everything under the auspices of a single quizzing club.
  • @ i agree with parth...i planned something different this year..lets see if tht happns
  • @Rishav - you planned something? Since you've sorta passed out, don't you want your juniors to figure it out on their own?
  • In our school students will join the quiz society for badges and not for quizzing, they will attend each and every meeting for the badge not for quizzing. Many students in fact, gave the entrance just because they had a break detention. Plus the last years whole membership was retained, The teaachers were looking for new members who are as good. So, we were told to make a tough quiz.
  • All I know is the that the guys from Army School had 6..I asked them before they went on stage..