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  • Hii Gyaanis , this is the Quiz from New State Academy and I hope u guys enjoy this one .
                                          THE KNOWLEDGE QUEST
    1. What does SIT stands for ( the most recent one ) ?
    2. Connect ----- BhanuSingh and " An Offering of Songs "
    3. Connect ----- Amitabh Bachchan , K Srikkanth and Abhay Deol
    4. X's father was in the Army, X has a younger brother who is in the Navy. A graduate of Hans Raj College, University of Delhi, X first worked as a construction worker in New Jersey, USA. Simply Identify X .
    5. Who is the first player to play 100 T20 matches ( domestic , international - all included )
    The next set of 5 questions to be presented by another quizzer from NSA .
  • So , these are the next 5 questions -------
    6. Connect ----- Ila Arun , Celebrity Big Brother and Tata Consultancy Services
    7. Who is the only batsman to score triple hundred in the team's Second Innings of a test match ?
    8. Connect ----- Stuart Law , Matthew Hayden and Dwayne Smith
    9. Which company owns these brands --- Lipton , Surf and Pepsodent ?
    10 . Name the Bull taming sport played in Tamil Nadu as a part of Pongal celebrations .
    11. identify
    abc.jpg 14K
  • 12..Identify the man and what's his clame to fame???????????{question by sam}
    hope u guys enjoy these questions...
    identify.jpg 3K
  • 9. Unilever
    4.Ranvijay singh Ranjha
    5.Albie Morkel
    6.Sony or Big Boss
    7.Hanif Mohammad
  • @neelsam
    Dude u ppl org quizzes but u dont invite other people.. y
  • 1.Special investigation team
    2.Rabindranath Tagore
    5.Albie Morkel
    6.Rajasthan Royals
    7.Hanif Mohammad
    8.The Mongoose bat
    9.Hindustan unilever
    12.This guy solved the poincare conjecture and didnt accept the prize money offered. I dont remember his name.
  • @Rishav
    We havent organised any quiz . This is just a quiz for all the Gyaanis .
  • 1. Special Investigation Team
  • 8. Mongoose  BAT
    3.DEV D?
  • Answers ---------
    1. Special Investigation Team
    2. Rabindranath Tagore ( BhanuSingh was his pseudonym and " An offering of songs " translates to Gitanjali ) ----- Superb answer by Angad
    3. No one cud get it , its Genelia D'Souza as she has done advertisements with all 3 of dem , was quite difficult actually but was thinkable .
    4. Rannvijay Singh  Sangha  ( not Ranjha )
    5. Albie Morkel
    6. Rajasthan Royals ( was quite easy )
    7. Hanif Mohammed
    8. Mongoose Bat
    9. Hindutan Unilever Limited
    10. Jallikattu ----- Terrific answer by Anshul
  • answers of 2 visuals..
    11..statue of yuri gagrin in moscow..
    12..grgori pereleman..(russian mathematician who got d millenium prize recently.........angad had almost cracked it)
  • @aman-wasn't tagore's pseudonym bhanushingo?
  • @Anshul
    Yaa , it was Bhanushingho but it was written in wiki as "Sun Lion" , so just translated it into Hindi .
  • @aman-yeh right...chalo never mind.!