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CBSE Heritage India Quiz 2009
  • The Regional Prelims of CBSE HIQ for Delhi were conducted today and our very own Prateek Vijayvargia has made Delhi and Gyaan proud by reaching National Semi Finals .
    Tomorrow are the  National Semis for HIQ with Top 12 Teams from whole India competing to be among the Top 4 teams of the country for the National Finals of the Championship to be held on 4th December 2009 .
    Best of Luck to Prateek , Anshul , Parth and Shashank for National Semis .
  • Some Questions on India
    1. Winston Churchill described this feat as " An ExtraOrdinary Event , a Monstrous Even , An Event which stands in Singular and Sinister Isolation . " Whose feat I m talking about ?
    2. Lord Mountbatten changed the date of British leaving India to Aug 15 , 1947 . Who planned the orignal date 26 Jan , 1948 earlier ?
    3. The architects of this famous building were Sitaram Khanderao Vaidya and D N Mirza and it was completed by Englishman W A Chambers . What I m talking about ?
  • Hey is it,
    1.jallianwala bagh massacre,
    2.jawaharlal nehru,
    3.the taj palace hotel..
  • Another question on India...current affairs..

    Why were Conflicer’ and ‘W32 Nimda’ in news recently?
  • Viruses which attacked the Prometric CAT System!
  • Anybody with the archives of the first round?
    @prateek,anshul,parth,shashank: How was the semis?
  • Sorry for posting this late.
    National Semis
    Dominated by the DAVs! The twelve teams who made it to the National Semis were
    Semis 1 NEPS Mayapuri, Anandalaya Gujarat (Anand), DAV Lawrence School Amristar, Sainik School Goalpara (Assam),  DAV Khagaul Patna, Sri Kumaran's High School Bangalore
    Semis 2 St George's Alaknanda, Summerfields Gurgaon, Amity International School Noida, Maheshwari Girls School Jaipur, DAV Public School Chandrasekharpur Bhubaneshwar, Bhavans Rajaji Vidyashram Chennai.
    Dominated by the DAVs!
    Results of the National Semi-Finals
    Teams which have made it to the National Finals are
    Venue: Ved Vyasa DAV Public School, Vikaspuri
    From Semis 2
    1. Amity International School, NOIDA
    2. DAV Public School, Chandrasekharpur Bhubaneshwar
    From Semis 1

    3. DAV Lawrence School, Amritsar
    4. Sri Kumaran's High School Bangalore
    We unfortunately lost out in Semis 1. It was a very closely fought battle with everything going down to the buzzer round for the 2nd team (from semis 1). Amritsar were safe before the Buzzer Round with 50 Points. But we lived up to our old habit of messing up Buzzers and gave 2 incorrect answers ;-) But it was a very good quiz, quite well organised and conducted. The Quizmaster was Mr Adittya Nath Mubayi. Semi-Final 2 was also very close fought with the National Winners from last year Maheshwari Girls School, Jaipur losing out. Anandalaya Gujarat from Anand who were in our Semi-Finals also missed out.
    The Semis had 6 rounds - 1 Audio, 1 Still Visuals, 1 Choose Your Subject, 2 Direct Oral, and 1 Buzzer Round.
    Best of luck to all the teams from 2morrow! The National Finals will be held at DPS Rohini.
    Good to see Parth from make it to the National Finals. Hope he does well.
    I would like to thank everybody from, esp Aman who helped me a lot to prepare. We had a great time preparing and participating in this Quiz! Though it wud have been great had we reached the National Finals, it was a learning experience nevertheless. To have finished in the top 12 out of more than 1200 schools who participated in this Quiz was highly satisfying :-)
    Questions will be posted soon. I will try to make archives and post them whenever possible (not anytime soon though I guess)
  • @Prateek-Congratulations yaar.....Finishing in the Top 12 in India is a big achievement....
    @Parth-Hope you win the National Finals....I am rooting for Amity Noida.....
    @Aman-Bhai,hum to Delhi round mein hi bahar ho gaye the......Knocked out or more precisely thrashed by New Era(Prateek,Anshul and Arnav).....They were amazing,and i was hoping that they would win the Nationals but nonetheless reaching the Semis is also a big achievement......The quiz was nice but the ques were not actually decipherable or workable,not that i blame the quizmasters is supposed to be like that only but this was just an observation.
    (And ignore this if that was meant for any other Shashank i.e maybe the Shashank from Maheshwari Girls school or the DAVs)
    I wasted my whole time learning abt medieval and ancient history and also read a lot abt the constitution and politics and almost all the ques were abt the freedom struggle,or India after 1947.....None on the topics that i read but then luck's a big factor and we certainly lost to the much better team.My team mates were good but i lost out on quite a few sitters(Chetwode Hall,Damn .....and btw IT IS an extension to the 4 Dining Halls;-)
  • @prateek -Congrats!!!!!top 1% of India,amazing!!
    @shashank- still remember the expression on Adittya's face when he realized we didn't knew that
  • @Prateek - Nice review . Buzzers round is the round where ur bad luck really comes into play . But still , Natioanl Semis is certainly a great achievement . ( *Applauses* )
    @Shashank - Sorry yaar , I forgot that u are in APS , Dhaula Kuan . And Luck really matters in Quizzing .
    @Parth - All the best for HIQ Finals . Wow !!! Top 4 in India - ( * More Applauses * ) Go and grab the HIQ trophy !!!!
  • @prateek : Sorry to hear you crashed out.But as the others said being among the Top 10 Best Heritage Quizzing Teams all over India is absolutely brilliant !! :)
    I don't know if u'd believe me,but this is almost exactly the way we crashed out last the buzzer round to the same school by the same the same semi finals' number...!!
    @parth : Best of luck for today! Hope you decimate the rest.. :)
  • @Prateek - Yup Subhashish told me!
    Final Results
    Venue: DPS Rohini

    National Champions: Sri Kumaran Children's Home, Bangalore
    Runners-up - Amity International School, NOIDA
    Second Runners Up - DAV Bhubaneshwar
  • man..2nd in India...congrats parth and digant...!!
  • Ya pretty awesome. It all boiled down the Buzzer Round where they were very unlucky (Bangalore and Noida tied on 75) and Amity lost out on the tie-breaker.....
  • Why does it seems that buzzer rounds are the bane for the gyaaniz?
  • may be coz most people are attracted towards questions that are workable
  • YAY!! NOIDA CAME 2nd thts so cool... !!
  • Congrats all!
  • My Review of the National Finals
    I have been associated with CBSE HIQ since last 3 years but did not participate this year . I was really wishing to be a part of this event in my last year as well but I knew its impossible . But then , on 3rd our school got a special invite from DPS Rohini to be the audience of National Finals and I felt really excited . It feels very good to be a part of the event with which u had been associated for three years and atlast my wish came true .
    So , We rushed to the venue next day and reached there by 10 . The Quizmaster was Mr. Additya Nath Mubayi , Prateek had told me that Mr. Kunal Svarkarhad a bad throat so couldnt host National Semis also . The Quiz started with the TOP 4 teams of the country coming to stage .
    Rounds on Stage ---- Clue Do , Direct Oral , Visual Stills , Direct Oral , Videos , All or Nothing ( the grid one ) and Buzzer Round .
    Amity was leading the Quiz but Shri Kumaran's bangalore had amazing luck to get 2 questions on South India and 1 passed . The Buzzer Round went till the nerves and finally it was a tie b/w Amity and Shri Kumaran's with both on 75 pts.
    The tie-breaker question came - " Valmiki , also known as Aadi............... "
    Buzzer pressed by Amity and I think they said " Kavi " without even listening the whole question and thus got - 5 and ended up as National Runners Up .
    Mr. Adittya completed the question ---- " Valmiki , also known as Aadi Kavi , was once a sage . What was his real name ? "
    The question couldn't have been simpler than this but it was not Amity's luck that day , though , they had a great day with superb answers . But Shri Kumaran's bangalore walked away with the title of National Champions .
    It was an amzing day for all India lovers with enriching knowledge on Indian culture .And For Me tooo
  • Great work Parth and co. A hearty congratulations!
    And Prateek, Anshul and co., reaching the semifinals(and losing out on a Buzzer) is itself quite an acheivement as this quiz was topic-specific. This shows the volumes of knowledge(and quizzing ability) that you possess about Indian Heritage. 
  • @aman....gr88 yaar...bada hard work kara hai tune ye thread put up karne likhte hue bore nahi ho jata??
  • quizzing can never be boring.....
  • dats right
  • BTW, what were the prizes awarded for HIQ?
  • mustafa bhaiya trust me we really dint prepare for this quiz we never prepare we are in 11th and secondly it was 7k each for winners 4 k for runners up