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Tribute to 26/11 Martyrs
  • We are an Indian quizzing forum.And as fellow Indians,we all very well remember how a city in our beautiful country was ravaged by a bunch of blood-sucking brainless dumbwits who dont have the guts to walk in public until and unless a gun guards their chests.But there were those who showed true bravery in such times of uncertainity and chaos. Here i request all members to pay tribute to the Martyrs and also pray for the souls of the innocent who died at the hands of those barbarians. May their souls rest in peace.A simple RIP is enough,but i request everyone to show atleast the basic form of concern towards our brothers.
  • good thought @ amrit and i also pray for the great martyrs.
  • Let their souls RIP..
    May the terrorists go to hell
  • Let they be the part of the endless ocean of light .... n dat too for lyf
  • Let their souls RIP. Their bravery will never be forgotten
  • May god hoist their souls....
  • May they never have to witness something like Brain Wave 'general 'quiz
  • @ Anant Akash
    This is a serious issue. No jokes allowed.
  • RIP. Twas an incident which said a lot about how India works, with the NSG reporting very late to the site coz no "transportation" was available.
    How 3 terrorists kept the whole mumbai as hostage.
    I guess India's come united on a large scale maybe for the first time, according to me, but they did. And its effects were dramatic. For the first time did the decisions of the public came into force, how ministers were removed (shivraj patil reporting to 3 events on the same day in 3 suits), how martyrs like karkare were hailed as national heroes and all. But still, these guys, NSG, karkare et al, never get their due no matter what they do for us. Our government is too full of themselves to see beyond what they think. They consider NSG helping us to be their moral obligation, but trust me, the whole incident was an eye opener. This incident taught the whole country, and not just Mumbai, how a united front can oppose even the strongest of forces.
  • @anantakash
    i am seriously very ashamed of u. :(
  • May all those who suffered that day at the hands of those ill minded people rest in peace and may their family members be granted the courage to handle this loss.
  • RIP,all the soldiers and civilians who laid down their lives in service for the nation,we'll remember you forever.
  • May all those who lost their lives in that horrific incident rest in peace.
    We shall remember those who laid their lives for the country forever.
  • And i would also like to praise the bravery of the civilians who helped the people like the manager of the Taj
  • i think Ajmal Kasab should be publicly shot down. In front of India Gate. But thats just my view.
  • And 2) we need to introduce a Patriot Act like bill in India too.
  • @Samarth - I am of the strong view that despite what happened, we should take the legal route. Ajmal Kasab deserves a fair trial. Indian democracy must uphold its values and principles. We are not a dictatorship and cant take such an extremist kind of action. He should be proven guilty in the court of law and should be given the capital punishment.
  • proven guilty...i believe that is evident already..hes a lying scumbag...but you know're right...just because they turned barbarian doesnt mean we turn the same...i just hope they finish the legal shit fast and hang him soon...
  • @samarths - Shooting in public --- Its the best way for a criminal to die. Shooting was initially just for the noble class as its one of the least painful. So he should be hanged as he will be in some time
  • M.K.GANDHI once said "hate the sin,love the sinner" i am still not able to understand why people kill in the name of religion,them fidayeens say they get closer to allah by mass massacre of innocent people but trust me allah would never like his children to die a forbidden death in the hands of such extremist and bout the pakistani involvement ,links have been established.Pak authorities must try and salvage what is left of their pride and accept and involvement and discontinue such acts of cowardism.....and the NSg was very instumental in ending the darkest hours in the history of MUMBAI.Its truly incidents like these that bring people from all walks of life together
  • proud to be an indian!!!
  • who isnt???btw check ou t my gmail id
  • R. I. P.
    We honour all those Great Indians who laid down their lives and saved the whole city from the Reign of Terror .
    We must not forget this incident and and we must stand up and stand together against the heinous crime of terror . 
    A Salute to all the bravehearts of Mumbai ,
  • we must not sit and cry over spilt milk action we have to take making sure nothing like this ever happens in the future and even if it happens we have to tackle it in the the best possible manner we must learn from our mistakes if not for the country..for ourselves atleast lets honour them who did the right things AMEN