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  • Congratulations to Apratim and Arnav from New Era to finish 3rd among 909 teams from Delhi. The two " Little Darlings " of the Quiz as said by PickBrain - a commendable performance , just mind blowing !!!! The Little Wizards I wud say
    Congrats to Prateek too for winning Audience Prize . Waise , wat did u win ?
    ( I was the one sitting behind you and knowing this answer but just missed by a whisker of a second , hd read the same question in Quiz Booklet which they gave  before Prelims in the break )
    It was first and last TCS Quiz for me and I really had a nice experience . I had no interest in IT and had just gone to see Pickbrain and He was simply great !! It was the first time in any Quiz ( as far as I know ) that 2 prelims were conducted due to soooo large participation by Delhi  . Some questions were quite same in 2 sets but I felt that the set 1 was a bit easier . The Finals were awesome with some incredible questions . Overall a great day spent !!!
    And New Era proved  their dominance once again !!!
  • Results of the Quiz
     Winners --- DPS , Noida
    Runners Up ---- Sardat Patel Vidyalaya
    Second Runners Up --- New Era Public School
    Fourth Place was bagged jointly by
    Blue Bells , DPS,VK and DPS,RKP
  • Is it so necessary to make duplicate threads?
  • I didnt saw ur thread , and waise ur thread only has results . I have given a short description too !!
  • Another mod, delete any of the two discussions you wish.
  • unbelievable...the kids team qualified and not the senior team!!!!!!!!!!
  • congrats to apratim and arnav!!!...god...such a big victory !!!
  • yup amrit....when Giri announced the 5 teams , I was shocked hw can Prateek miss this - but den he announced the last team to reach top 6 - New Era Public School , I was sure that its gonna be Prateek , but when the names came - Apratim and Arnav , I was just
  • yaar...who were the ones from DPS VK?
  • V S Karthick and Vivek Nair.
  • hmm...they a good team...
  • thanks amrit
  • Thank you amanw and amrit_george just did not believe it when pickbrain said that NEPS had qualified first I thought that prateek bhaiya had qualified but when he announced my and Arnav name we were just shocked. Its gud to win 3rd position in a prestigious IT Quiz at debut.BTW they still hav not given us our Leela hotel coupons and the certificates.
    TCS IT Wiz Roxx !!! Roxx !!!
  • i had never expected this
  • @apratim and arnav
    no problem much u scored in the prelims?
  • Congrats to both of u - great quizzers !!!
    what I think is If dat TCS and Last round wud have been 10 pointers - u wud have won it . Steve Jobs was awesome answer !!!!
  • I got 14 in the prelims, we dint qualify. How much did you people get?
  • we got 15
  • Congrats to Arnav and Apratim and to all the other winners, a fantastic debut performance from Arnav and Apratim, Am proud of you guys! :-) Keep up the good work. Excellent show...
    We got 15. The cut-off was 15. But missed out because Arnav and Apratim made it to the finals based on the "in-built tiebreaker"
    Good to see Arjun and Abhishek winning the Quiz. So we had three teams from up on stage :-)
    @Aman - I got a Lunch Voucher at the Ambassador Hotel, Rubik's Cube and a watch! But then alas, my last year. Would have loved to be on stage. I knew 90 percent of the answers :-( But very happy at least one team from our school qualified....
  • i Got 8. At least we have three more years and scope for lots of improvement
  • yup...thats the spirit!!
    tough luck mate!!!
  • Congratulations everyone who got a position, and to the others who qualified! What prizes did they give out this time?
  • @Amrit - Yes bad luck seems to haunt me sometimes. Puffin, Banyan Tree and now TCS! Anyways no probs. You win some, you lose some.
    @Ankur - Laptops, Digital Cameras, MP3 Players, Backpacks, Lunch Coupons at 5 star Hotels and much more.
  • I won dhish dhish dhish. I won dhish dhish dhish
  • Congrats Arjun!
  • congrats arjun!!