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  • hello,can anyone post a link where i can find a detailed study of the biological concept for which elizabeth blackburn,carol greider and jack something have won the nobel prize
    it is based on a discovery of cell division and the 'immortality enzyme'
  • @QWERTY - Good to know you are interested in that, Vishal.
    This is the Official Press Release from the Nobel Prize Website:
  • These links should serve you well:

  • @shreyans and prateek bhaiya-thanks a lot!these links are very helpful
  • And now, QWERTY will run off to make his own Frankenstein monster using the research data published by those scientists.
  • Am I the only person reminded of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six?
  • ankurb-i can even transform myself into hulk or spiderman as well or make myself immortal
  • i would say will atleast get the will have many restrictions with hulk...