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Times Fun-Da-Mental Quiz
  • Here are a few archives from the Times Fun-Da-Mental Quiz 2005, 2006, 2007. Found one at Scribd while the other two have been taken from Ankur Banerjee's blog. I uploaded these here for the benefit of those who had trouble finding them and also to build up the archives. If anyone wants to give credit(which you ought to give) then its not me who deserves it. Credit goes entirely to Prateek Vijayavargia, who made the archives and Ankur Banerjee, who hosted them.
  • damned...might not be able to make it 2 dis one..
  • why what happnd..
    can anyone who has got the invite PLEASE provide me with a contact number of the person incharge???....PLEASE!!!!???!!!
  • why do u need it yash singh...theteam from dps noida has been made..ur nt there..we have the invites
  • @Shreyans - Thanks for posting them. Will try to upload some more questions from my diary.
    @Amrit - Will try to give you a contact number ASAP.
    @Rishav - Please do not clutter the forum with team composition discussions.
    thanks yaar..pls do!!!
  • @Rishav - No Problems.
  • yo....we were finally being allowed to participate!! the event is on monday,anyone from who is coming,please write it here so that maybe we can meet each other at the venue!!!
  • Amity Saket definitely coming. Agrim's already checked our registration etc., so no Puffin repeat expected.
  • Yes, the entry was faxed to the NIE guys, so we'll carry the doc as proof too :)
  • as nobody seems to be saying anything...i think il make a list of people who will come ..
    1)New Era(Prateek)
    2)Amity (shreyans,agrim,arjun)
    3)DPS Noida(rishav)
    anyone else??!!!!
  • There will be so many other schools coming!
  • Isn't this that wretched quiz that clashes with Dynamix?
  • @prateek
    i mean people on who are coming too fundamental
  • wretched  quiz?
  • Best of Luck to all members.
  • thanx sarthak...good if you too would have been able to come...
  • one day left...hope to see members...!!!
  • Best of luck to all participants. Hope these teams consisting of members make it to the stage:
    New Era Public School, Mayapuri (they'd qualify anyways)
    St. Francis de Sales, Janakpuri
    DPS, Noida
    Amity, Saket!!!
  • @Shreyans- easy to say that New Era Public School would be stage but seriously i'm seriously nervous for this one after what happened at the puffin quiz..! and moreover i need to perform in this one or else parents would stop me from doing quizzing.
  • @Sarthak - Thanks a lot! - Best of Luck to everyone participating in the Quiz! May the best team win.
    @Shreyans - I dont think we will be able to make it for sure! Well thats easier said than done! Having been champions already once before, there is a lot of pressure and the luck factor shall play a major role. Lets hope for the best!
  • Me too in the same fix. My father thinks that quizzing is a waste of time and I should concentrate on CBSE and VMC only. Anyways, best of luck again.
  • @Shreyans - You will easily qualify my friend, I have seen your activity on Simply spectacular :-) Just surprise your father with a victory then 2morrow!