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How 2 prepare for a prestigious quiz?
  • how shld 1 preapare for a prestigious quiz comp like mod,fu-da-mental,columba's?
    v hav always been told read yearbooks,quiz books,newspapers etc etc. but how to be extraordinary?
  • Write your own questions.  It takes time, but it will drill ideas into your mind.  You will learn with ease and you'll learn a lot along the way. 
  • hmm..this is a good question you know.But I think I can say that gone are the days when you could memorise BQC volumes and be assured of a prize!!..What's important nowadays is General Awareness.The happenings of the world around should be known to you.Reading the newspaper each day would be the best way to start.Then of course for each of these quizzes you have their archives which might give you a particular hint at the way the quiz is designed.Likine in Columban,the prelims mainly consist of questions on English Movies, Bands,Music and Japan. Fundamental is basically a awareness type of quiz in which answers dont require thet much of thinking but just common sense.
    Also read stuff on archives can also help you.
  • It's very important to watch out for the quirks of each quizmaster. Derek O'Brien gives multiple choice sitters. Adittya Mubayi at Columban focuses on classic rock and Japan. Etc etc.
  • Thanks 2 all.It would b a gr8 help!!
  • Any tips for preparing for Fun-da-mental quiz?