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Announcing GSF HighSchoolGeeks - Encouraging Teen Tech Entrepreneurship across India!
  • GSF India is on a mission to enable billion dollar
    tech companies out of India. Nurturing a risk-taking culture is critical
    to this mission. GSF wants to target people when they are most ripe for
    risk - in high school! GSF is inducting four students all over India as
    Entrepreneurs in Residence (EiRs) in its second startup accelerator
    (June-July) who would be chosen by an online programming challenge (to
    be held on May 12), their past works and experience! GSF aims to build a
    solid foundation of tech entrepreneurship in India!

    Being an EiR is the
    best opportunity that you, a budding entrepreneur, can avail in your
    summer breaks! EiRs are the heart of GSF and are responsible for
    designing & executing the program and managing logistics. They get
    to attend the valuable
    mentorship sessions held for the startups by the leading
    of the tech industry - from Ashish Kashyap - CEO, ibibo to Phanindra
    Sama - Co-founder, redBus to Vishal Gondal - Founder, Indiagames and the list goes on and on!

    You can find more details about the competition here: